Greenhouse Farming

Jan 29 2024
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The reason why we need to control the environment of farming by setting up greenhouse structures is due to the factors of numerous externalities. First of all, would be the weather as it is usually not alterable but yet it can be forecasted in a rough way through technology and analysis of advanced data. Using historical series of data could actually achieve a higher level of accuracy for prediction, the more information gathered in the past, the more we can gain better insights from weather evaluation. Raining is not scary, but it will cause flooding of your agricultural crops, subsequently making the death of your effortful plants. At the same time, if the dry season happens to be there, the soil will be terribly exhausted without proper irrigation. Of course, irrigation can be done manually by human hard works. The agriculture sector is highly dependent on climate change, its vulnerability is usually being fallen under the highest category compared to other industries.

Climate events such as drought, heatwaves, flooding will degrade your soil and further elaborate into the yielding of low crops. Countries that are located within the continents of four seasons might have frost and stressing the plant, although summer is ordinarily good for most of the plants unless some failure occurs due to climate change. weed encouragement and proliferating the pest could happen if the circumstances are high in its temperature, while water draining within the plant creates more demands and also the water reserve will also be depleted quicker. Weather situations such as dew temperature, humidity, precipitation, air temperature also point to that we should pay attention in order to achieve optimal crop protection, to reach higher yield as well as healthier results. Farmers are still able to perform but it risks the costs and also affects the marketability if factors of these are not being monitored well with plans.
There are benefits of others in addition to weather control, and it is also considered as consequential effects such as increases in crop yields, the stability in yield as well as strengthening the profit and loss statement (P&L) of farmers even though many of them would not be having a proper one in their records. Optimizing the conditions within and surrounding the plants are what the greenhouse set-up aims to achieve too, it is to generate a more favourable environment that plants prefer so it can grow healthily and peacefully that usually not being enjoyable by outdoor crop plantation as well as some venues that might expose to unstable conditions. In the meantime, it can also prevent pests from the plant, away from droughts, storms, animals, invasive species of plants and more. It can also grant crops to have all year long crops production that ordinarily goes with the normal cycle of the year or some seasonal plants that can only grow exotically. Greenhouse farming gives many possibilities to people who want to make a sustainable living income, durable and non-volatile.

Let us elaborate more on the strength of certain traits of greenhouse farms, such as pest control. Pest control can be implemented in a natural way and more convincing towards social green efforts direction, because it does reduce or totally eliminate pesticides usage. Deaths and contamination of domestic animals will happen significantly when pest control chemicals are used extensively, a decline in pollination and honeybee, bird and fishery losses, groundwater contamination, natural antagonists loss to pest as well as the longer we apply pesticide, the higher the resistance and therefore we have to increase the consumption of it because it no longer being effective in killing pests anymore. When it is not effective in killing these harmful insects, then crops will be at risk to be prohibited from healthy growth as well as its yield will affect the food chain and income to farmers.
Expert is required for greenhouse setting up, part of the challenges, as well as potentially high in cost for engaging expert, upfront contract fee due to intensive experience and knowledge, demanded to provide crop growth healthily and successfully. High operating cost is also there because a controlled environment needs seamless maintenance of tool, equipment, material and manpower to run the show. Efforts are also elevated if you want to farm indoor instead of outdoor where exposure to weather and risky conditions exist. Pest will spread easily when your setting of the greenhouse is wrongly conducted as well as it creates pollination issues since most of the things are strictly under monitored and managed by professionals. Greenhouse farming is consuming spaces tahat might be more or less the same as horizontal ones unless the vertical type is being designed.

Greenhouse farming should have authority issues in certain cities but not all countries are so particular on that, i.e. to apply for official permissions. There is the tendency to have threats for theft and vandalism, although it is not limited to only to indoor farming, also outdoor one but yet, the external environment could make the condition worse as in the happening of both animals, insect, reptile, bird, human and other types of thieves that destroy your hard work accumulated throughout months. Vandalism is also possible because it is usually built transparent so sunlight can penetrate into the plants and therefore, the people can do the damages easily by viewing through the obvious overview. Limited in opportunities of crop yield could occur when poor management is there too.
Advantages of Greenhouse Farming

Controlled Environment

All Seasons Crop

Stable Yield


Friendly to Earth

Clean & Easy

Challenges to Tackle





Soil Quality

Speed & Cost

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