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TWT manufactures, supplies and applies SmartCoat. SmartCoat is a liquid nano solution applied onto surfaces. Upon application, the environment will self cleans, self sanitize, self deodorise, purfies indoor air and mold resistance for a period of 1 year before the next application. The product is tested internationally by various welknown testing organizations and also FDA approved in Thailand. This product is made in Malaysia and it is also available in many countries around the world. The product has won numerous awards in internation science events and in 2015, SmartCoat also won the NEW PRODUCT AWARD in Archidex 2015. This product has a very vast application from early education facilities, to health institutes, green buildings, commercial offices to public transportations and many more for various prevention application or problem solving application base on what it can do. TWT has a strong R&D team to develop and improve the technology. Apart from this, SmartCoat is not only available in Malaysia, but it is also available internationally in 15 countries worldwide and we are still growing.
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