ALC Panel Aerated Lightweight Concrete Panel Vodapruf Precast (vPanel, vSlab)

Ultra lightweight precast panel made by Vodapruf Pte Ltd using a combination of fibre cement board and Lightherm Aggregates. Ranging from only 35.8kg/m2 to 47kg/m2. It also has very high thermal and sound insulation due to the presence of Lightherm Aggregates.

The modular panel and semi-modular panel version allows just one worker (or 2) to carry out the installation work due to it’s smaller size and low weight.

With the easy installation of vPanel(ALC Panel), it is both labor and cost saving. The finishing of vPanel is of high quality standard and does not require the need for skim coating. vPanel, commonly known as ALC Panel has also acquired certifications such as Certificate of Conformity (COC), non combustibility tests, toxicity test, fire classification, fire rating and robustness test.

All tests are proudly supported by BCA’s Innovation Grant (iGrant).
vPanel mainly has two application method for erection of wall as a non-load bearing wall structure. One as an internal wall and the other being external.

Internal Wall: vPanel is ideally used for internal partition wall due to its ultra lightweight properties, high thermal and sound insulation.

External Wall: vPanel can also be used as external wall panel for modular houses, low-cost building, factories, hotel, apartment and villas etc.
Precast_Slab / Panel / Block
• vPanel 100
• vPanel 150
• vPanel 200
• vPanel 250
• vPanel 300
Feature Performance
Fire resistantBS 476, Part 22: 1987 : 4 hours
Heat resistantThermal Conductivity, W/mK : 0.125W/mK
Sound insulationSound Transmission STC, ISO 140-3:1995 : STC 38
High compression strengthStrength & Robustness (BS 5234 Part 2) : Pass
Water-tightnessWater Penetration (BS 4315 Part 2) : No evidence of water penetration
Moisture resistantYes
Custom made/Cut to sizeYes
Specification Properties
Thickness100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm
Standard Length1200mm
Weight40kg, 60kg, 80kg, 100kg, 120kg
Company Installation Minimum Order Cover area
(Supplier and Manufacturer)No0
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