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Bioactive Micro-organism Coil Treatment (BMCT) prevent and delay the growth of bio film bacteria, fungi, mould, and algae on air-conditioning cooling coil. Bio film and microorganism usually start to grow in one week after decontamination. Bio films would secrete organic acids along their growth, result in localized corrosion of cooling coil.The overall heat exchange efficiency of air conditioning system would be affected if the cooling coil is corroded. In other words, corroded cooling coil results in reduced energy efficiency and increase of energy bill. Airestec BMCT is specially formulated to prevent and delay the growth of bio-film (jelly), bacteria, fungi, mould and algae with 12 months warranty. Absence of microorganism would tremendously improve indoor air quality (IAQ), human health, productivity, energy efficiency up to 10% through improvement of heat exchange & air flow.
Bioactive Micro-organism Coil Treatment (BMCT) is suitable to use as a cooling coil treatment product after applying cleaning agent product such as Bioactive Microorganism Enzymatic Coil Decontamination Cleaner (BMED),
Cleaning Agent
Microbial enzyme
Feature Performance
100% BiodegradableBio certified
Environmental friendlyImprove Indoor Air Quality. Prevent and delay the growth of bio-film (jelly), bacteria, fungi, mold, and algae
Cost savingReduce breakdown and maintenance cost. Maintain system up to design
Energy saving/efficientYes
Specification Properties
pH7.0 neutral
Company Installation Minimum Order Cover area
(Supplier and Contractor)No0
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