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Bioactive Microorganism Enzymatic Coil Decontamination Cleaner (BMED) remove biofilms, fungi, and mold in Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC) or Refrigeration system of its internal cooling coil. Reduced airflow creates higher humidity, loss in comfort and stuffiness to occupants. This will result in a domino effect and breakdown of other components in the air-conditioning system. Also, the development of biofilms could corrode cooling coils because biofilms secrete organic acids along with their growth and development. Most of the contractors use acid or alkaline cleaning agent to clean the cooling coil. This could deteriorate the condition of cooling coil because acid and alkaline are corrosive in nature. Besides, acidic/alkaline products cannot effectively penetrate and break down biofilms. On the other hand, Airestec BMED can break and release biofilm without damaging the cooling coil. Our product is safe to the user and the environment. It has been certified Eco-label.
Airestec BMED is very suitable for Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC) cleaning of Hospital, Hotel, Ship, Food/Beverage Processing, Shopping Center, Aircraft, Supermarket, Building/Office, Residential, Train/vehicle, Cold Room/Logistic. Recommended for air-conditioning contractors, facility managers, and maintenance Companies
Cleaning Agent
Microbial enzyme
Feature Performance
100% BiodegradableYes
Bio certifiedYes
Environmental friendlyYes
Corrosion resistantYes
Prevent Asset damageYes
Specification Properties
pH7.0 neutral
Company Installation Minimum Order Cover area
(Supplier and Contractor)No0
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