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Bioactive Microorganism Enzymatic Surface Decontamination Cleaner (BMESC) is used for indoor surface cleaning, it can remove biofilms, blood, protein and other organic matter from surfaces and substrates. Drain-line blockage due to high amount of grease residue, protein residue, sugar and starch will promote the growth of bacteria and germs, and subsequently produces pungent odour. This reduces the hygiene level of a particular area. Compared to conventional cleaning agents which only can remove superficial layer of the dirt, BMESC enzyme-based cleaning agent is specially designed to break the bonds of contaminants that contains grease, oil, bacteria, germ, to perform deep cleaning to the surface. BMESC is non-hazardous / Non-toxic, Biodegradable, Water-based, Environmentally, friendly, Able to eliminate bad odour, made of non-GMO & food-grade enzyme, Reduce blockages, Reduce downtime for system cleaning and Does not damage or weaken structures.
For indoor surface cleaning such as Healthcare facility, Commercial building, Industrial building (factory), Transportation, Food processing area / plant, Residence, Kitchen, wall, ceiling, floor, Bench-top/ furniture and abattoir.
Cleaning agent
Microbial enzyme
Feature Performance
100% BiodegradableBio certified
Environmental friendlyYes
Low maintenanceReduce downtime for system cleaning and reduce Blockage. Does not weaken the structure. Eliminate bad odour.
Specification Properties
pH7.0 neutral
Company Installation Minimum Order Cover area
(Supplier and Contractor)No0
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