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Butterfly valve is a valve that isolate or regulates the flow of a fuild. The closing mechanism is operated by a disk that rotates. Butterfly valves are easily and quickly operated because of 90 degree rotation of disk from a fully closed to fully opened position.
Butterfly valves perform well in large volume water applications and slurry applications. Some typical applications of Butterfly valves include:

[1] Cooling water, air, gases, fire protection etc;
[2] Slurry and similar services;
[3] Vacuum service;
[4] High-pressure and high-temperature water and steam services;
[5] Compressed Air or Gas Applications
Butterfly Valve
Cast Iron, SS disc, EPDM seat
• AUTOMA Butterfly Valve C/I Body EPDM Seat SS304 Disc
• AUTOMA Butterfly Valve C/I Body PTFE Seat Teflon Coated SS304 disc for chemical
Feature Performance
Easy installationEasy to operate
Cost SavingYes
Space savingYes
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Refer to product brochure for more informationYes
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(Industrial Equipment Supplier)No0
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