CasoLine Grid Ceiling System Gyproc Ceiling System

Made for commercial use, the CasoLine® Grid Ceiling System comprises of either Gyproc Casoprano® or Gyprex® ceiling tiles.

Suitable for hygiene sensitive environments, the tiles are easily cleaned. Made with high quality raw materials, the tiles are produced with a sleek look, on top of being durable and lightweight.
CasoLine® Grid Ceiling System is ideally used for open areas such as office spaces, reception areas, rooms in health facilities, showrooms, etc.
Casoprano® ceiling tiles are commonly used in quick-fix suspended ceiling systems and is suitable for residential and public areas.
Gyprex® ceiling tiles are ideally used in hygiene sensitive areas such as hospitals, kitchens, clean rooms, etc
Gypsum Plaster Finish, Plastic -PVC
• Casprano
• Gyprex
Feature Performance
Easy installationRequires no further painting
Striking colourRequires no further painting
Fire resistantYes
Thermal insulationPrevents heat transfer which helps reduce consumption of electricity by air conditioning systems
Sound insulationHas sound insulation properties (for example, Casoprano has CAC 38 dB)
Light TransmissionHigh value of light reflectance, for example, Casoprano has LR>75% (LR1)
Specification Properties
Dimension (L x W x H)595mm x 595mm; 603mm x 603mm; 1195mm x 595mm; 1213mm x 603mm
Company Installation Minimum Order Cover area
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