DML H Type Open Cell Ceiling | Aluminium Cell Ceiling DML Strip Ceiling | Metal and Aluminium Strip and Open Ceiling

DML H Type Open Cell Ceiling is an open ceiling that is square in patterns. The ceiling applies on square cell profile. The ceiling creates room for plenum space that gives simple access to the plenum for additional installation services in the future. DML ceiling is durable to withstand dynamic weather as the ceiling is made of aluminium. The lightweight component system is applied to improve the efficiency of the system. The aluminium ceiling is dust-free and rust-free due to the coating treatment.
Standard powder coating is applied based on your preference, as an additional aesthetic purpose that will enlighten the design.
DML H Type Cell Open Ceiling offers a wide range of designs. This aluminium ceiling is suitable to install in all kinds of designs which are internal and external. The combination of colour and the shape makes this aluminium ceiling to be unique and elegant in architectural and structure buildings. This aluminium ceiling is applicable to offices, restaurants, commercial complexes and others.
Ceiling, Wall, Exterioir Cladding And Facade
• DML 50H
• DML 75H
• DML 100H
• DML 150H
• DML 200H
Feature Performance
DurableTough and able to withstand pressure, heat, and tear
LightweightApplies lightweight component system
Cost savingRequired minimum maintenance
Energy saving/efficientYes
Environmental friendlyMaterials used are reusable and recyclable which cause no harm to the environment
Specification Properties
Panel cell size50mm x 50mm
75mm x 75mm
100mm x 100mm
150mm x 150mm
200mm x 200mm
Aluminium panel thickness0.5mm
Accessories typeCell Hook
L angle
Galvanized steel
Suspension type 14 gauge G.I wire hanger
(by installer)
Galvanized steel bracing suspension thickness0.5mm
[Recommended spacing at 1200mm c/c]
Galvanized steel edge and corner finish thickness0.4mm
Company Installation Minimum Order Cover area
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