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DML Strip Ceiling S profile is a linear pattern ceiling that comes with a super flush joint. This ceiling is relevant to box shape profile panel, that suits various project requirements. DML strip ceiling s profile is made from Galvanize finishes and aluminium which allows the ceiling to withstand dynamic weather. Single multi-carrier is applied to accommodate different panel width. The ceiling is able to deflect and blend stress of wind velocity at 35m/s 126km/hr.DML steel and aluminium ceiling are optimized in all dimension and shape. The strip ceiling is easy to install and offer simple access to plenum space.
DML Strip Ceiling S profile is reliable, easy to install, and high-quality design. With the enamel baked color coating or powder coated colors, the finishes are guaranteed and definitely will enhance the excellent appearance to all structural buildings. DML Strip ceiling S profile is relevant to all interior and exterior structural buildings. The ceiling design is ideal for residential houses, gas stations, commercial complexes, and others.
Metal Ceiling
Galvanized Steel, Aluminium
• DML 100S
• DML 150S
• DML 200S
• DML 300S
• DML 400S
• DML 450S
Feature Performance
DurableThough and able to withstand pressure, intense heat, and tear.
Cost savingMinimum maintenance required, colour will not be faded easily and able to last for extended years.
LightweightLightweight component system
Energy saving/efficientYes
Environmental friendlyMaterials used are reusable and recyclable which have no harm to environemnt
Specification Properties
Super flush joint effective widthDML 100S
100mm (W)
DML 150S
DML 200s
200mm (W) DML 300S
300mm(W) DML 400S
DML 450S
Panels thicknessGalvanized steel:
0.4mm[gross wt:5.10kg/m²] :
DML 100S
DML 150S
0.5mm[gross wt:5.40kg/m²] :
DML 200S
0.5mm[gross wt:2.050kg/m²] :
DML 100S
DML 150S
0.6mm[gross wt:2.10kg/m²] :
DML 200S
DML 300S
0.7mm DML 400S
DML 450S
Carrier size30mm(W) x 35mm (D) x 4800mm (L)
Carrier Thickness0.7mm thick galvanized steel
Galvanized steel carrier thickness0.7mm
Galvanized steel suspension thickness14 gauge G.I.wire hanger 0.5mm bracing
Edge and corner finished thickness0.9mm anodized aluminium T-join 0.4mm galvanized steel colour to match U channel
Company Installation Minimum Order Cover area
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