Denyo Generator DCA Series Denyo

The generators of the DCA Series are complete, stand-alone generators. Both models consist of a Denyo alternator that is directly connected to a diesel engine. The alternator and the engine are set to a standard skid foundation. Specific vibration insulators are used to decrease vibration during operation. The generator and electrical parts are completely sealed in a solid-steel, weatherproof cap. Noise reduction is accomplished by using highly effective sound insulating materials.
Denyo power generators are capable of producing power in a number of circumstances where public power supply is not available. They contribute to the development of society's infrastructure and are highly respected by consumers around the world. In a number of contexts, such as structural engineering and building, we are trying to develop the structures of our society. Denyo power generators are capable of supplying power at different locations where power is needed, such as civil works and building sites, as well as being used in various installations as emergency power for critical equipment such as hospital medical equipment, online banking, and traffic signals, etc.
Diesel soundproof generator
• 20/25KVA
• 37/45KVA
• 50/60KVA
• 80/100 KVA
• 100/125 KVA
• 125/150 KVA
• 200/220 KVA
• 250/300 KVA
• 350/400 KVA
• 450/500 KVA
Feature Performance
More powerful and quietYes
Economical performanceYes
Unsurpassed flexibilityYes
High performanceYes
User friendly designYes
Specification Properties
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