Denyo Soundproof Air Compressor Denyo

Air compressors are important as a supply of energy for civil engineering and building sites. In addition to construction sites, they are used as sources of power for artificial snow machines on ski hills and for air tools. We plan to set a new standard for air compressors by means of a technology that enables the free control of compressed air.
For sandblasting, ground improving machines, pneumatic lifts, concrete blowing machine and others.
Diesel Soundproof Air Compressor
• 175 cfm @ 100psi
• 180 cfm @ 100psi
• 390 cfm @ 100psi
• 750 cfm @ 300psi
Feature Performance
High performanceYes
User friendlyYes
High reliable and durableYes
High efficience and low fuel consumptionYes
Low noise levelYes
Specification Properties
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