Expandable Polystyrene EPS E&E Foam

List of Products Manufactured of Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS): Computer Numerical Control Shape Cut (CNC Cut), Construction Purposes And Light Weight Concrete, Standard size cut sheet, Advertising And Decoration, Roofing & Insulation. Block And Beads. Moulding Products, Blocks for Foam Sculpting, Construction & Pontoon Purpose, customize cut and etc.
We offer a wide range of application: - Cut sheets for general packing - Shape moulding (electronic, computer packing) - Advertising & decoration (supply to artist for event art and decoration purposes) - Pontoon and Construction - Insulation & roofing - Lightweight Industry (Supply lightweight copping for building shape) - Precast Industry (For concrete) - Furniture (export furniture packaging purposes) - Stationary shop - Fish shop (stearofoam box)
Polystyrene Foam
• Standard Size Cut Sheet(4' X 2')
• Standard Size Cut Sheet(4' X 8')
• Computer Numerical Control Shape Cut (CNC Shape Cut)
• Beads For Bean Bag & Lightweight Concrete
• Odd Size Cut Sheet For General Packaging
• Blocks For Foam Sculpting, Construction & Pontoon Purpose
• Moulding Products
• Advertising & Decoration Purpose
• Roofing & Insulation Purpose
Feature Performance
Custom made/Cut to sizeYes
Heat resistantYes
Sound insulationYes
Easy installationYes
Specification Properties
Company Installation Minimum Order Cover area
(EPS Foam Manufacturer)No0
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