Greenseal 5000 Liquid Waterproofing Membrane Systems Greenseal

Greenseal 5000 is a waterproofing system ideally used between slabs to protect the slabs against the penetration and lateral movement of water. Greenseal 5000 waterproofing membrane is a single component of cold applied, seamless, elastomeric and moisture-curing bitumen that is modified with polyurethane; it is specially formulated for hand application by squeezing or using a roller onto vertical or horizontal surface. As it is liquid in state, It should be applied directly from the container and designed especially for use as a flexible continuous waterproofing membrane between two-course concrete, masonry construction, bituminous toppings and also for exterior below grade waterproofing of masonry. Using roller, brush or by spraying, this system can be easily applied to corners, angles and non-uniform surfaces. Greenseal 5000 material forms very good elongation and as a flexible waterproof membrane after curing.
Greenseal 5000 has many uses in the application of parking garages, pool decks roof top, shower stalls, mechanical rooms, fountains, bridges, highways, balconies, below grade slabs, around drains, dams, reservoirs and concrete tanks
Waterproofing, Industrial Flooring Solutions
Bitumen, Polyurethane
Feature Performance
Inherent Membrane FlexibilityPermits nominal expansion and contraction without losing bond to substrate
ElasticityDurable and remains elastic at extreme temperatures
Seamless and continuous protective membraneEffective water and vapour proofing system
Chemical ResistantImpervious barrier to acids, alkalis and salts; It is also not susceptible to bacteria attack
Weather resistantWide range of curing temperature from -4°C to 82°C
Irreversible Chemical CuringMembrane remains intact after curing even when exposed to elevated temperatures
Seals crackprevents new concrete from cracking and is able to rehabilitate cracked surfaces by sealing surface cracks up to 2 mm wide
Easy installationNo special tools or equipment required
Anti rootForces roots of trees to trail elsewhere, thereby preventing future root growth while effectively stopping infiltration.
Specification Properties
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