Greenseal Injection Grout Greenseal

Greenseal Injection Grout is a high strength groove specifically designed for grout purposes. Due to its non-shrink properties, it will not shrink when coiled around pores and concrete capillaries. Greenseal Injection Grout is especially useful for bonding mechanically and chemically in the capillaries of cracks and honeycombs in the mortar, where it both extends and seals them. In addition, there is a chemical in the grout that can actually crystallise within these pores and capillaries, making this region waterproof. The Greenseal injection grout has a strong flow and is simply going to flow into the crevices anywhere it has been cracked. This will ensure that all holes and fine cracks are sealed and waterproof.
Greenseal Injection Grout is suitable for: - Grouting for leakage area - Mortar for Honeycomb - Mortar for Angle Fillet - Structural Cracks - Expansion & construction joints
Concrete Repair
Feature Performance
Environmental friendlyYes
Crystallize inside the capillariesYes
High PerformanceGood Bonding & High strength grout
Specification Properties
Setting Time3 hours
Compressive Strength54.8 N/mm @ 28 days
Flexural Strength7.3N/mm @ 28 days
Shelf Life24 months
Company Installation Minimum Order Cover area
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