GypWall Classic Fire Rated Wall System Gyproc Drywall System

Due to its ability to maintain strength of walls even in high temperatures, the FireLine®, Type F, plasterboard is used as the main component of the GypWall® CLASSIC Fire Rated Wall System.

The system supplies your walls with the strength to resist fire while containing the flames, preventing it from spreading.
Typically used in areas where high fire resistance is required, Gyproc® GypWall® CLASSIC Fire Rated Wall System has the ability to resist flames and high temperatures for up to 4-hours and is easily assembled.
Gypsum, Wall
Gypsum Plaster Finish
• FireLine
Feature Performance
Fire resistantProvides 1-hour, 2-hours and 4-hours fire protection
Thermal insulationYes
Specification Properties
Dimension (L x W x H)1220mm x 2440mm
Thickness12.5mm; 15mm
Company Installation Minimum Order Cover area
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