GypWall Secure System Gyproc Drywall System

GypWall® SECURE System is a series of robust but lightweight, non-loadbearing security walls, offering high resistance to determined attacks.

Made up of BaseLine® boards, GypFrame® Security sheets, DuraLine® PLUS boards, and other relevant accessories, the system has a double plasterboard structure that gives it a higher physical strength. This allows the system to maintain its integrity even under attack.

Additional features include a good sound insulation, thanks to the acoustic sealants within the system.
Most commonly used for commercial and industrial applications, the GypWall® SECURE System can be applied to the erection of wall partitions in shops, industrial storage areas, as well as data storage areas.
Gypsum, Wall
Gypsum Plaster Finish
• BaseLine
• DuraLine Plus
Feature Performance
Impact resistantYes
Load bearingYes
Fire resistant90 minutes fire resistance
Sound insulationYes
Easy installationQuick and easy installation
Multiple designIdeal for curved wall installation
Environmental friendlyBuilt using green and eco-friendly materials
Specification Properties
Dimension (L x W x H)1200mm x 2400mm
ThicknessOnly 120mm overall wall thicknes
Company Installation Minimum Order Cover area
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