Nitto NITOFLON No. 973UL-S Nitto Denko

Heat-resistant adhesive tapes made of a variety of substrates with largely silicone adhesive coatings. The tape uses glass cloth base material impregnated with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) dispersion and then sintered. The tape is single surface treated and coated with a silicone adhesive, exhibiting excellent heat resistance and mechanical strength.
The tape's applications include heat resistant lubricants for heat sealing, heat resistant masking and for heat resistant electrical insulation. It is also used for chute and hopper linings, surface coating of sizing rolls for dying and resin treatment.
Adhesive Tape, Sealants
Silicon, PTFE NITOFLON impregnated glass cloth
• 19 mm
• 25 mm
• 50 mm
Feature Performance
Electrically insulatedUL510 certified (covers thermoplastic and rubber tapes for use as electrical insulation at not more than 600 V and at 80°C)
Environmental friendlyconforms to Notification No.20 of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
Abrasion resistantSuperior mold-releasing and sliding properties
Chemical resistantThe non-adhesive side exhibits excellent characteristics of polytetrafluoroethylene such as electrical properties, resistance to heat, weather, chemical, and water (water-shedding), and non-adhesiveness.
DurableGood holding property at elevated temperatures and dimensional stability
Specification Properties
Width19mm; 25mm; 50mm
Length10 m
Tensile Strength240 N/19mm
Adhesive Strength6.8 N/19mm (at 25 °C); 3.2 N/19mm (at 100 °C); 2.2 N/19mm (at 150 °C)
Unwinding Force5.9 N/19mm
Temperature Range-60 to 200 °C
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