Radi-Cool Fabric Radi-Cool

The Radi-Cool Fabric is composed of Radi-Cool Coating and the base fabric. Radi-Cool Fabric can achieve a significant cooling effect with its high infrared emissivity (8μm-13μm) which allows the fabric to transmit the heat to cold outer space through the atmospheric window, meanwhile, the fabric features a highly solar reflectivity which allows the fabric absorbs solar energy by minimum. Without energy consumption, the cooling process is rapid and efficient. By applying Radi-Cool on the surface, it can turn roof, window, and wall to act as a kind of air conditioning system by producing cooling power from solar radiation and creates efficient radiative heat transfer channels between the objects and the Cold universe without using any energy input.
Radi-Cool Fabric with Polyester Taffeta base fabric recommended application: umbrellas, tents, car covers. Radi-Cool Fabric with Polyester Oxford base fabric recommended application: car covers, tents, inner rolling curtains, sunshades. Radi-Cool Fabric with shading base fabric recommended application: sky curtains, inner rolling curtains, sunshades.
Sun shade, Cover, Blind
Polyester Taffeta base, Polyester Oxford base, Shading base
• Polyester Taffeta base
• Polyester Oxford base
• Shading base
Feature Performance
Cooling effectEfficient radiative cooling, insulating solar energy
Environmental friendlyNo additional energy consumption
ReflectiveReflection, blocking sunlight
Easy to cleanHydrophobic, oleophobic, antifouling, and easy-cleaning
Water resistantThe surface has a Lotus Leaf Effect, and the fabric is impervious to water
Dust resistantWater-repellent and do not attract dust
DurableHigh anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging
Specification Properties
Dimension (L x W x H)(W) 3m * (L) 60m
Water resistance levelpu2000mm
Company Installation Minimum Order Cover area
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