Radi-Cool Film Radi-Cool

The Reflective Radi-Cool Film is composed of polymer material and inorganic functional material. The film can achieve a significant cooling effect with its high infrared emissivity (8μm-13μm) which allows the film to transmit the heat to cold outer space through the atmospheric window, meanwhile, the film features a highly solar reflectivity which allows the film absorbs solar energy by minimum. Without energy consumption, the cooling process is rapid and efficient. By applying Radi-Cool on the surface, it can turn roof, window, and wall to act as a kind of air conditioning system by producing cooling power from solar radiation and creates efficient radiative heat transfer channels between the objects and the Cold universe without using any energy input.
[Reflective] Radi-Cool films can be directly attached to opaque exterior surfaces of structures, such as building roofs, walls, automobile bodies, and LNG storage tanks. [Transparent] Radi-Cool films can be directly attached to the exterior surfaces of structures that need illuminations, such as windows, facades glazings, and skylights.
Polymer, Inorganic functional material
• Reflective (Silver color)
• Transparent (No color)
Feature Performance
Heat reflective>90 (SR) (%) :: [[Reflective Film]]
Solar Absorption20 (SAV) [W/m²] :: [[Transparent Film]]
Cooling effect100~150 [W/m²]
Atmospheric window emissivity>90%
RefrigerationEfficient cooling, solar energy isolation
Environmental protectionNo additional energy consumptions
Self-cleaningHydrophobic, Oleophobic, Antifouling, Easy to clean
WaterproofGrade 1 waterproof
Dust ProofHigh-quality water-repellent material. can be easily wiped with a damp cloth and no dust after wiping.
DurableHigh UV resistance, Anti-static , Anti-corrosion.
Specification Properties
ColourSilver White, Transparent
Dimension (L x W x H)1.225m(W) * 50m(L) ; 0.35m(W) * 100m(L)
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