Rugaval Flexible Expansion Joint Rugaval

Rugaval's single sphere flexible joint protects pumps from temperature and pressure changes, and reduces noise and vibration. Our joint connector is able to handle up to 225 PSI and a temperature ranging from -20°C to 100°C, as well as a vacuum rating up to 650mm/Hg. This particular series of joint is the most widely applied expansion joint connector in the industry today as it provides the greatest pressure, temperature, movement and most importantly at a very reasonable cost. Its resiliency also helps control pulsation shocks and noise transmission. Constructed of elastomer materials like EPDM, NBR and Neoprene, SBR depending on the products specifications, the spherical shape allows pressure to exert itself uniformly in all directions, and as a result reduces the force exerted on pipe lines and equipment. Bias-ply tire cord provides strength, a high safety factor, and low force to move; while precise moulding techniques provides a dense and uniform carcass. To provide a fluid tight connection, the solid plate steel flanges grip the sealing area and are tapped or drilled to mate with companion flanges. We offer standard BS, PN16, PN10, ANSI150, JIS10K and others. The installation of the joint is relatively easy using tapped bolt holes and rotatable flanges, furthermore the arch is self-cleaning, eliminating the need for filled arch when solids are present in the stream.
The material can be used for pre-cut gasket or custom-made. It can be used in machineries and also be placed in a room with high electric conductivity to avoid unfortunate incidents. However, they are not suitable for industries that encounter in oils and hydrocarbons.
EPDM Rubber, Mild Steel Flanges
• EPDM Rubber (ex-stock)
• NBR Rubber (special order)
Feature Performance
DurableHigh mechanical strength
Wear and Tear resistantYes
Specification Properties
Width1 meter
Colour (rubber)Black
Size1 inch to 32 inch
Flange TypeJIS10k, PN16, ANSI150, Table-E
Company Installation Minimum Order Cover area
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