Airestec Green Cleaning Agent | Multi Enzyme Products


• Chemical

We offer a wide range of cleaning products that are recommended to be used in industries/area such as HVAC/ Air Conditioning/ Refrigeration System, Cooling Towers & Piping, Pharmaceutical Industry , Commercial/ Residential Kitchens/ Food Courts, Food Processing Plants, Walkways/ Driveways/Playgrounds, Abattoirs, Logistics/ Containers, Wastewater Systems, Vehicle Radiators, General & Household Cleaning (floors, bench-tops, walls of the kitchen, toilet, dishwashing, laundry, carpets), Outdoor Environment, Scrubbers and Cleaning Additives
• Improve system & energy efficiency
• Improve indoor air quality
• Environmentally friendly
• Improve human health
• Protection of asset & equipment
• Delay of growth of bacteria, fungi & mould
• Protection of water table
• 100% Biodegradable
• Reduce contamination & Improve Food Safety

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