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FORTA Corporation was founded to introduce the fiber product that offered tremendous improvements over the original Egyptian straw-fiber theory. By combining space-age synthetic materials with unique designs and shapes, FORTA® offered the construction market a valuable fiber reinforcement product that controlled cracking and added long-term durability to a wide variety of concrete applications. FORTA® has expanded their product line to include an entire family of fibers - tailored to specific applications and demands of the international concrete community. Since FORTA®'s beginning in 1978, their fibers have played an important role in the design and construction of many different types of projects, including airports, tennis courts, swimming pools, public schools and more.
• Reduce shrinkage cracks on concrete
• Reduce hardened cracks on concrete
• Able to replace conventional steel/BRC used in concrete
• Cost effective product
• Provides a 3D Reinforcement to the structu

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