Manlapene HDPE Sheets Solid/Closed Cell


• HDPE building material

By application of the latest German extrusion technology, Manlapene™ HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) Sheets are fabricated using quality Polyethylene (PE) resins to ensure the delivery of perfectly finished goods. With the employment of fully-automated and other ancillary machineries that caters for customized cutting and routing services, the sheet or panel produced can be used for many versatile applications and as a tough and reliable building material. Owing to its longer service life and other ideal properties, Manlapene HDPE sheets are the best replacement for plywood and other materials. The many assortments that are constructed using this material include Standard HDPE sheets, Closed Cell HDPE sheets, Ultra Smooth HDPE sheets (P-Ice) and Engineering Grade HDPE sheets. These products of different characteristics are capable to serve a wide range of industrial needs such as playground equipment and components, outdoor plastic panels, engineering parts, partition board and furniture and marine application. With putting our customer's safety as our utmost priority, Manlapene HDPE is made to allow for a safe, eco-friendly, long-lasting and hygienic environment especially concerning towards young children, food areas and medical institutions.
• Engineering grade
• Strong, sturdy and long lasting
• Does not rot, rust, mould and swell
• Resist corrosion
• Easy to fabricate
• Can be cut, routed, drilled and welded with standard tools.
• High impact resistance
• Termite resistant
• Eco-friendly and recyclable
• Long-lasting colours
• Long period of warranty
• Maintenance free and easy to clean
• Can act as Sound Barrier and waterproof
• UV rays protected and water proof
• Anti skid and extra smooth surface options
• Food grade and FDA approved
• Oil and grease won't stick to surface
• Fire/Heat retardant

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