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Rugaval was founded on the principle of continuing innovation and value for our customers in various industries with professional experience and expertise that provides a single point of advice to all your technical rubber solution. We have an extensive experience in the power, waste water treatment, industrial and chemical industries, as well as HVAC commercial and marine work. We have built a strong foundation of trust with our customers thanks to our products of high reliability and a long, virtually maintenance free life. Our objective is to provide complete services at all time to ensure that our customers has the right product for the job at the appropriate quality & price, which in turn enables the cut down of cost as much possible & completed the job quickly & efficiently. Engaging in sales & marketing activities for Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Kuwait, Dubai, Chile and worldwide, we represent a regional leading world-class brand distributor of flexible and expansion joint and producing various kinds of rubber like rubber sheet, pre-cut rubber gasket, latex sheet, rubber moulded, Teflon sheet, marine fender, loading bay fender, O-rings, seals, industrial roller, EPDM sponge, bushings, couplings & etc. The main materials used are natural rubber, silicon, neoprene, NBR, EPDM, hypalon and viton. We are committed to be a key supplier of cost effective products for all engineering rubber requirement industries by continuously developing new ideas, concepts and process adaptation. We test and implement the latest specific requirement and technologies to give you the advantage in design and usages. We are always focusing on the quality of our productssubjected to various quality test & inspection before delivery and respond swiftly to customer needs. Not only have we a rich experience in designing & product assembly as per our customer's samples & specifications but also field service for installation & testing. Widely used in the piping system related industries, our main products include HVAC systems, fire-fighting and pumping industries.
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Rugaval rubber flange gasket is one of our primary manufacturing activities regardless whether it is a custom or standard flange gasket, ring gasket, or full face gasket. In its most basic principle, a flange gasket is used to join or fit between two sections of pipe with each pipe section typically having a flared area for the gasket to attach to. The types of flange gaskets include ring gaskets and full face gaskets, whereby a ring gasket is a gasket with an inner diameter and outer diameter; a full face flange gasket is similar to a ring gasket, but with bolt holes that are aligned in a bolt circle, in the surface area between the inner and outer diameter. Both ring gaskets and full face gaskets come in metric and standard sizes, as well as in various thicknesses. Specialising in the fabrication and production of custom flange gaskets, ring gaskets, and full face gaskets, Rugaval has a large stock of gasket with different standard, such as Table E, PN16, ANSI 150, JIS 10K and JIS 5K. To accommodate various markets, we have materials for commercial grade and EPDM. We offer fabricating gaskets from rubber sheets should the required dimensions exceed the existing mould and may also be jointed together in sections using an adhesive compatible with the type of rubber and suitable for the gasket. With full in-house engineering support available, Rugaval can assist you with custom designing the flange gaskets that your specific application requires. Rugaval can meet all your custom flange gasket needs from handmade specials made by our skilled craftsmen, to low-volume through high-volume production runs.