Vodapruf Precast (vPanel, vSlab)


• Precast

• Wall, Ceiling and Internal Partition

vPanel(ALC Panel) is an ultra-lightweight precast panel made by Vodapruf Pte Ltd using a combination of fiber cement board and Lightherm Aggregates. Ranging from only 35.8kg/m2 to 47kg/m2. It also has very high thermal and sound insulation due to the presence of Lightherm Aggregates. vSlab is a precast prefabricated insulation concrete slab. It is used on reinforced concrete flat roofs as thermal insulation and the sound isolation layer. It also plays the role as a protection screed layer for waterproofing membrane of inverted-roof-system.
• Lightweight
• Cost saving
• Reduced construction time
• Flexible usage
• Highly resilient

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