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Jul 13 2020


This protective railing makes lesser dangers for traffic users either on the highway or walkway regardless during a busy period or non-peak hours. Especially at a high-speed route that speeding is very common, it can prevent one side of vehicles from a motorcycle, lorry, trailer, van to consumer cars from crossing to the boundary of other opposite direction. Those victims from the other side are innocent if there is no safety divider to cut the impacts caused by rudeness or unintended accidents by their opponents. It can also act as a warning signal to the sleepy driver during long journey travel or at night. There are always delineator and reflector to be installed with the guardrail for the sake of effect enhancement in term of a safety signal, especially some rural areas without consistent roadside or street lighting pole.

Research has shown that vehicles will be slowed down dramatically when they touch the railing, despite made by steel or other materials. Some guardrail can even bounce the vehicle back from it when they receive an impact, including trucks and heavy vehicle. Guard rail can really help to protect buildings or their features such as steps and reducing the loss of assets to local authorities or corporations. These safety barriers can also put in placed to segregate different pathways for the motorist, bicyclist and pedestrian in addition for separation of contrary directional routes for ordinary four-wheels vehicles. This road infrastructural part and the costs for maintenance are relatively low, while it requires minimum regular upkeep too, making it one of the popular ways to offer protection to citizens.
Jul 13 2020

Modern Kitchen Design

Modern Kitchen Design has an almost infinite of style available and is a field that constantly changing with the social environment and functional need. Kitchen is not a section that requires for all modern houses design especially SOHO unit but for a newly formed family kitchen is the soul of a house and dream house kitchen is part of the soul. After all who does not like a home-cooked meal? A modern kitchen might be very hard to attain but every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. To begin a modern kitchen design, there are few challenges that worth mentioning. Spacing is the first key towards a good design of the kitchen and must put into one of the top priority. Adjusting the spacing for sinks, refrigerator, stove, tabletop, kitchen cabinets, etc to ensure a normal kitchen can be fully functioning. In modern housing such as condominium, apartment, terrace or link house, bungalow, and semi-d house. For a much smaller space houses like the high-rise unit condo and apartment, kitchen space is much more precious and need to adjust to fit everything inside. From the above picture that taken on a condo unit near the Petaling Jaya PJ, the style uses Peninsula kitchen or similar to an L shaped kitchen with island (refrigerator) on the side to keep the space wide enough for cooking and walking. The dining area is also set with a small dining table suitable for the average household size of Malaysia (less than 5 people). Smaller cabinet and chair also consume lesser space and provide more extra space for other functional purposes.
Jul 13 2020


In construction, waterproofing is the important solutions to prevent the damaging effect of water on the building fabric and the usability of buildings. Water infiltration will cause damages such as insect infestation, growing of molds and in worst cases building failures Whether it is tunnels, bridges, dams, roads, buildings or houses we live in today, waterproofing plays an important role in the construction and preservation of it.

The materials use for waterproofing are mainly coils, polyurethanes, epoxy flooring, acrylic waterproof coating, bituminous waterproofing, etc. Waterproofing of home space or room is also widely practiced in residential nowadays. An area like the roof, toilets, balconies, exterior walls, kitchens, basements, swimming pools and material like steel are famous for waterproofing and moisture-proof treatment in order to increase its lifespan and usability.

Roof waterproofing method is often seen in the residential house and industrial building. The method used is usually waterproofing membrane or coating. Sometimes this two method name is interchangeable as different manufacturer different product introduction. A membrane is a flexible sheet-like structure that as a protective or boundary between the structure and the elements from water and chemical damage or the environmental damage. The method is usually durable, long-term and flexible. One of the common material is the polyurethane membrane. Polyurethane is an extremely versatile elastomer used in many kinds of application. Due to its resistance to water, oil, and grease, the polyurethane waterproofing is widely used in roofing, basement, indoor carpark, wall, etc. Whereas the coating is more like a thin layer of paint that applied to the surface of structure or product. This layer usually acts as UV protection, reflective and also help keep the structure cool down. Often this coating would require constant maintenance around 1 to 2 years and subject to wear faster in a harsh environment. Of course, nowadays waterproofing comes in different brand and mixture and some coating even perform better than the membrane. Some even combine them to use it together.
Jul 13 2020


Steel is iron that removed most of the impurities and contains a consistent concentration of carbon. Those impurities like phosphorus, sulfur, silica, oxygen, nitrogen, and copper weaken steel significantly. Steel is one the most recyclable material in the world because of it economically favorable and the process does not downgrade it but make it same again. Steel is sometimes also referred to as iron alloy but that would include wrought iron and cast iron.

Cast iron posses higher content of carbon(2% to 4%) and impurities which make it hard, brittle and non-malleable whereas wrought iron with low carbon content less than 0.08% are more malleable and higher tensile strength. The famous Eiffel Tower in France was mainly built from this wrought iron and was once held the tallest man-made structure in the world. Wrought iron was once favorite material to be used on structure building but now is greatly replace with mild steel because of advanced technology. All this was to thank Bessemer converter in the 19th century and the following advanced improvement which makes the production of steel much more economical and quicker. The advantages of steel over other iron alloy is greater balanced in tensile strength, ductility, and versatility.

Steel is normally separated into two type, one is carbon steel and another stainless steel. Carbon steel or plain-carbon steek is the most productive steel in steel manufacturing. Carbon steel is the composition of mostly iron and carbon. It can be classified into 4 type by the difference of carbon contained in it, low-carbon steel(0.05%-0.30%), medium-carbon steel(0.3%-0.8%), high-carbon steel(0.8%-2.0%), and ultra-high-carbon steel(3.25%-4%). Low-carbon steel or normally refer to as mild steel is the most common form of carbon steel because the price is much more economical and able to use on many applications. Mild steel is so versatile because it's easy to work with, ductile and less brittle. After a form or shape is made, carburizing can be applied to the mild steel to increase its surface hardness. It usually used to make structural steel like roof covering, reinforced cement concrete, rail track, transmission towers, etc. High carbon steel has a greater hardness than low carbon steel and also able to withstand shocks and vibrations. It has great in strength so it was usually used for making tools such as drills, cutting tools, heavy machinery, etc. Unlike stainless steel, most carbon steel has poor corrosion resistance so corrosive environment is not recommended unless certain protective coating, waterproofing or paint is used.



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