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Solar Heater

Apr 28 2022
A solar heater can mean either the one used in the bathroom or the one that can heat those rooms such as the living room, bedroom to even your toilet. Of course, it is usually applicable to countries with four seasons, winter and autumn need the most. There are more possibilities where we will require a cooling system or mechanical devices to lower the temperature when you are located at tropical countries or cities. The solar water heater can be part of the heating system in general, whereas, under normal circumstances, the water heater does play a role to provide water in higher temperatures for the sake of applications such as handwashing, bath-taking, laundry, drinking water or more. Compared to the heater of your house, the solar heater can be meant more too. An industrial water heater can also be installed, this is to actually contribute to the overall electricity bills of the factory and plant by having the use of solar power to generate heat so that we do not have to tap much from the conventional grid power which was the source of multiple raw energy bases.

Energy saving is one of the hot topics in the town, whereas solar is the renewable energy that should not be neglected within the choices of everyone. In order to make a productive energy-saving plan, consultants must be involved, ranging from engineers, contractors, designers, architects, interior designer, manufacturer or product and system dealer. It is incredibly awesome to understand that we are in a safe position when professionals come into the overall picture because it is not really costly when you get some but not all of them to be involved in your proposal, either for a new or existing project. Buildings and heavy industries' plants will have different requirements, while owners shall understand the beauty part of engaging with third parties so that those unbiased pitching of ideas and budgets can be reasonably tabulated out to generate economical values. There is no harm to try to source from multiple players, from contractors who got a designer or consultant to back them up to an architect or engineer who has got a supplier with installer service to provide a full turnkey solution.

Insulation Application

May 18 2022
There are a few ways to carry out the insulation materials application, from the installation of products that can insulate externally to a built-in component within the building as construction material. Depending on the site condition, design and specification, most of the owners might wish to implement the best cost-saving solution if these methodologies are fittable to their main goals. On the other hand, what insulation materials can achieve can be planned upfront for the sake of maximizing the intrinsic value of that particular product. In addition to that, an acoustic contractor in Malaysia will also need to review the feasibility of certain specifications whether can be installed on a certain site. Conditioning the project by creating stimulation before deciding which item to be applied to reach the wanted effect visually as well as physically. Most of the insulation product is equipped with both sound and heat isolation features, of course, the density and intensity are another sides of the story. Some can just modify the thickness, while some can increase the compactness to have that kind of property.

The skill sets of insulation contractor Malaysia can use the practical result to show their portfolio, customer can request a real site visit to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of noise issue, modification of specification, installation of a sample after the selection of type for insulation materials, surfaces and other aspects to match the budget of yourself. There are recommendations of thickness for your sound insulation, as long as you want to create substantial differences in the result, six-inch thick is a minimal one to be reached. Never give up so easily if the preliminary trial is not really productive enough because a professional might be wrongly assessing the actual situation. On the other hand, for the benefit of each and every party, the insulation supplier shall establish also a good distribution channel and installation contractor so that the market can be educated with proper pieces of knowledge on where, how, when, why, what, who to look for. This 5W1H objective makes more sense than implementing others as a basis to expand the market needs as well as fulfil these requirements.


Apr 28 2022
Carpenter mostly work on wood products, therefore, we must understand the species and series of timber, from the sawmill log to the finished materials, each of them would also be having features that cannot be replaced easily. Depending on what we are usually looking for, carpentry woodworking is generally covering a huge area, it is not a layman's profession that anyone can do it nicely. Of course, there are many DIY (do-it-yourself) kinds of furniture makers in households, offices or for other commercial use; but they are not able to execute those projects that need the highest and finest quality, making it a longer warranty period for the product defect liability is another story that brings worries among users. This is the biggest concern for consumers because anything happens to those products cannot be easily sold in the second-hand market and appointing another woodworking company to repair will cost more troubles financially as well as efforts.

In order not to complicate things further, we must always pay attention to what we are supposed to receive, by double confirming with the designer, carpenter and contractor what is feasible, fabricating, installing and matching back of what we have in mind. The original plan is crucial to ensure what is there for the sake of delivery can be concreted with a prompt schedule while maintaining the absolute range of genuine completed standards. Comparing around before choosing which one to go is the right way to create mental stability when the discussion kicks start, from the design phase to the supply and construct period. Throughout the wood selection, we must obtain some but not all of the pieces of knowledge available in the timber supplies business. You must neither proceed without doing your own research at all, nor you shall not aim to know everything about wood species, origin, characteristics, the standard of procedures (SOP) and more to kick start seamlessly.

Structural Repair

Apr 28 2022
Not to discriminate against the general contractor but usually, we need to employ a professional consultant, engineer or specialized contractor to carry out the repair on structural, especially the concrete slab, precast column, beam, reinforced wall panel, roof covering and more. To be having higher assurance, get these to ensure our back covered is crucial, so no challenges put up when you need to answer to safety officer either internal one, external or authorities of any. In the meantime, putting our priorities in this matter is critical, since it involves the health and life aspects of everyone, from your tenant, employee, customer, supplier, neighbour, environment to many more. Do it today, to lift your safety standard higher, your family and friend will also appreciate your conservativeness by doing additional efforts on such activity. There are many people in the world, who did not consider on the severe level if they let go and compromise on this perspective, from their financial, effort or other resources needed to fork out to build such advantageous overview on their structural repair.

Most of the structural repair works involve reinforced steel, concrete, covering, shelter, panel to more. It should have idealistic plans where step by step implementation can be done professionally without hassle brought to the society or community. Any hacking, demolishing or drilling of an existing structure to re-erection of the new one would require substantial investment into equipment that can help in silence level, execution extremity standard can be up to muted extent from visual as well as sound points of perspectives. On the other hand, using the resources of some civil and structural contractor is a good idea to grow further into the requirement of yours, make a substantial return also since they can also advise you by either engaging their internal staff or their panel advisor to investigate your structural issue before channelling any proposal to repair. Decide today on your productive solution so no regret in the future when things occur to be sour, let our awesome peers in the market do the magic for you, by helping with your issue.
Living Room

Home Deco for Living Room

Apr 28 2022
There are several home decorative components for the living room, from ceiling, flooring, wall to furniture. Furniture can also be classified as built-in one or loose furniture, its material can also be divided into aluminium, wood, steel, plastic, acrylic, glass to many more. While ceiling can be gypsum board, plasterboard, plastering or ceiling panel that is made up of aluminium, timber, steel, polycarbonate or others. Flooring is also essential to be focused on, its materials such as vinyl, SPC (stone plastic composite), WPC (wood plastic composite), ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, granite, carpet, timber and some durable resin based floors. The coated floor is also another option, customizable based on usage and intensity of it, from epoxy, PU (polyurethane), anti-static, waterproof and some special synthetic interior floors. Never let the raw finishes or bare floors restrict your creativity, just like how other wall and ceiling varieties do to you.

If your house has young little kids, better to furnish with building materials that can achieve your objectives, including anti-slippery, impact-resistance, scratch-proof, resistance against stain as well as other properties. Identical elaboration when you have other old folks or seniors in your home, you shall make your space more practical in terms of fall resistance and other features that can prevent injuries among them. Anti-fragile is crucial when you have them in your house because you wish no one could be damaged because of negligence when you do your design in your common area. Furniture should also be fabricated with wide consideration, factors inclusive of retractability, hiddable and dismantlable to save space. Of course, this is provided with your house area is not huge enough to occupy many of the traditional furniture, as well as utilizing the professional to run the show for interior space-saving.

Greenhouse Farming

Apr 28 2022
The reason why we need to control the environment of farming by setting up greenhouse structures is due to the factors of numerous externalities. First of all, would be the weather as it is usually not alterable but yet it can be forecasted in a rough way through technology and analysis of advanced data. Using historical series of data could actually achieve a higher level of accuracy for prediction, the more information gathered in the past, the more we can gain better insights from weather evaluation. Raining is not scary, but it will cause flooding of your agricultural crops, subsequently making the death of your effortful plants. At the same time, if the dry season happens to be there, the soil will be terribly exhausted without proper irrigation. Of course, irrigation can be done manually by human hard works. The agriculture sector is highly dependent on climate change, its vulnerability is usually being fallen under the highest category compared to other industries.

Climate events such as drought, heatwaves, flooding will degrade your soil and further elaborate into the yielding of low crops. Countries that are located within the continents of four seasons might have frost and stressing the plant, although summer is ordinarily good for most of the plants unless some failure occurs due to climate change. weed encouragement and proliferating the pest could happen if the circumstances are high in its temperature, while water draining within the plant creates more demands and also the water reserve will also be depleted quicker. Weather situations such as dew temperature, humidity, precipitation, air temperature also point to that we should pay attention in order to achieve optimal crop protection, to reach higher yield as well as healthier results. Farmers are still able to perform but it risks the costs and also affects the marketability if factors of these are not being monitored well with plans.

Coating Application

Apr 28 2022
The coating is a kind of covering an object's surface, commonly known as "substrate" whereas the key objective could be functional, decorative or to achieve both at the same time. A slim layer of film will be formed after it dries up or is fully cured after a chemical is being coated onto the surface as the treatment, or any type of film-forming mixture as well as materials coupled with additives, solvents or pigments. The reason why we deposit onto the object for coating is mostly to enhance essential properties and a barrier that is equipped with the protective function will then be created. These shields will enable the surface to withstand any potential environmental risks due to open exposure, preventing the deterioration occurs that subsequently affect the appearance and original characteristics of the object. On the other hand, a coating is also used widely in the reinstatement of colour or colour retention. However, when it is related to decorative texture or colour staining that need to do refurbishment, a skilful specialist shall be hired to assist with this.

There are several coating techniques that can be introduced to the market, such as roll coating, spin coating, dip coating, flow coating, spraying, brushing or more. The coating on the surface can also use sealant, varnish, drying oil, synthetic clear coating or natural pigment to reach the main objective. The different coating has its own drawback in addition to the key benefit and if you do not have the facility, equipment or tool to carry on such work, better to engage specialists in doing so for the sake of quality control. On top of it, users must get a data sheet or material safety data sheet (MSDS) from the supplier of such products, including the applicator for the method statement on how they conduct the work. This set of information will put up all necessary health and safety concerns that are related to the application of such material from its raw ingredients and substances. A method statement is telling us the safe work procedure, which stipulates how the applicator is advised to execute the coating in this case. Logical sequence, risk assessment, measures and all potential risk control will be also stated in that document.

Steel Application

Apr 28 2022
Steel is a versatile raw material that can be further branched into many other items, from steel plates of different thicknesses to steel bars with various grades, steel fibre at multiple lengths, steel mesh with certain lengths and widths as well as steel rods for different diameter. Steel can also be applied for wide varieties in terms of functionalities, from laying it as a foundation (plate, reinforcement bar (rebar), fibre form etc), security (grille for window, door gate, main door grille, privacy mesh) to decorative in both exterior as well as interior such as facade, wall panel, sculpture, any form of craftwork to many more. It is an incredible product to work at and usually, it takes into consideration of requirements in terms of strength, shape, thickness, durability or some other elements that cannot be offered by by other raw materials. Further inaction, steelworks is able to be manufactured through high precision engineering processes. Therefore, we should not be worrying too much about custom made products which in the end cannot meet the standard of what customer wants.

Get some steel fabricators who are specialists because they will have more experience, equipment, tool and manpower to work towards some unique designs as well as additional requests that cannot be carried out by general contractors. Of course, there are some site works that require contractors to know about the wet works and steel producers might not be having installation scope service up to that extent. Moreover, we cannot be relying on all range of products and services solely to the general contractor when we need cost-effectiveness instead of time-saving. However, many will still go for general steel and wet work installers who can manage multiple sub-contractors in order to deliver the purchases since you will have limitations in a mobilization when the site is not within your ordinary city of operation. On the other hand, steel products that use for foundation, civil and structural will definitely need a certified main contractor to do when it is involving safety since the casting of concrete has to be seamlessly arranged and supervised.

Innovative Wall System

Apr 28 2022
Many handymen might be employed to carry on some general works such as plastering, skim coating or even painting onto the wall but it cannot be always the case when coming to a special wall system that needs to be innovative. For instance, there are plenty of opportunities to come across some non-specialized applicator who can also do supply and lay for your house brickworks, plastering it and also paint it with waterproofing or colour coat. In addition to what they provide to install on, they can also do flooring, tiling, paving, electrical and wiring, sanitary wares and fittings or something else. Make sure you appoint the right one since what you need is an impressive wall system or finishes. Yet, it is vague to define impressive and most of the time is a subjective matter, as it is mainly depending on each other's view and preference. Furthermore, we shall also make more openings to accept others' opinions instead of sticking your own one since experiences and other aspects of background will determine the taste of a specific one indirectly.

Some but not all the conceptual walls can be accepted by property owners, such as textured brick, 3D wall panel, facade, aluminium composite panel (ACP), louvre, exposed a system of any type. While a lot of ceramic tiles can be also very modern and achieve the effect of what you need, do consult the specialist in the nearest tile showroom. Artistical painting can be creative through acrylic on canvas or some other bases of chemicals that are not harmful to human's healths. A bare cement wall does have value too when you know how to appreciate it like a common brick wall, the way how you plaster or lay the brick in some sorts of orientations could make a huge difference. Many applicators are skilful in utilizing the same materials but try to form some special effect that cannot be substituted by usual plasterers and contractors. Must always look at their past portfolio to see what they can reach to your expectation in order to avoid regrets that arise afterwards, carry out the researches make sense, hard work will reward you in other word.
Asphalt Shingles 3
Sep 25 2019
A roof is a necessity to a building, it covers up the building’s top and it acts as protection that shields up internal property and people in it. It safeguards them from rain, sunlight’s UV, wind, dust and other foreign substances. Covering is supported by roof structure and framing, it can also create another space for activities, such as a roof garden. Maximizing the roofing space is now getting more common in Malaysia.
Brick Wall Partitiom


Aug 3 2018
Wall acts as a load carrier for slab, roof, beam and other forms of weight units. At the same time, it offers privacy, security, and shelter against foreign matters. Wall can also be a non-load bearing divider, or a partition that separate spaces and create “rooms” in the building. Wall can be used as a defensive barrier in the countryside, either as a permanent structure or temporary erection for a structure either in outdoor or indoor use. External wall usually acts as the shear wall in which load-bearing strength is required, they play the role as superstructure’s basic while block water, dirt as well as unwanted temperature and noise. The acoustic and thermal insulation features can be enhanced through additional infill materials such as polystyrene foam, mineral wool, glass fiber or others.

IBS Prefabricated Prefab

Apr 28 2022
Industrialized Building System (IBS) is a common phrase used in Malaysia to describe the construction of a building by assembling the building component that builds from a factory. So in general IBS and Prefabricated or in short Prefab building are referring the same thing.

Prefabricated buildings have been gradually promoted by developed countries such as Europe and the United States in the late 1940s. Other countries such as Western Europe and Northern Europe, as well as North America, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong, are also well known for its advanced in the prefabricated building. With the rapid urbanization of China, the prefabricated building is also their current top choice for their housing and industry development. Often prefab building offers smaller price tags, environmentally friendly and faster finish built.
WPC Flooring
Aug 4 2018
Flooring is commonly referred to as permanent floor covering, a proper flooring system comprises of a good supportive subfloor including sprung, floating and raised flooring. These are installed to ensure proper structural strength can be provided for the floor covering, for instance, concrete subfloor or plywood subfloor.

Construction Chemical

Apr 28 2022
Construction chemicals are the chemical formulations between cement, concrete, and other building material to bind them together at the time or before the time of construction. These construction chemicals are widely used in the construction of residential, commercial industries, commercial building, and infrastructure. The Asia Pacific region own the largest market share for construction chemical products, follow up is Europe and North America. Since the reform and opening up of China, the country construction industry has developed unprecedentedly and construction market is vigorously in demand. The increase in demand and functionality building has pushed forward the need of new building materials like construction chemical to counter the demand.


Apr 28 2022
In construction, waterproofing is the important solutions to prevent the damaging effect of water on the building fabric and the usability of buildings. Water infiltration will cause damages such as insect infestation, growing of molds and in worst cases building failures Whether it is tunnels, bridges, dams, roads, buildings or houses we live in today, waterproofing plays an important role in the construction and preservation of it.

The materials use for waterproofing are mainly coils, polyurethanes, epoxy flooring, acrylic waterproof coating, bituminous waterproofing, etc. Waterproofing of home space or room is also widely practiced in residential nowadays. An area like the roof, toilets, balconies, exterior walls, kitchens, basements, swimming pools and material like steel are famous for waterproofing and moisture-proof treatment in order to increase its lifespan and usability.

Roof waterproofing method is often seen in the residential house and industrial building. The method used is usually waterproofing membrane or coating. Sometimes this two method name is interchangeable as different manufacturer different product introduction. A membrane is a flexible sheet-like structure that as a protective or boundary between the structure and the elements from water and chemical damage or the environmental damage. The method is usually durable, long-term and flexible. One of the common material is the polyurethane membrane. Polyurethane is an extremely versatile elastomer used in many kinds of application. Due to its resistance to water, oil, and grease, the polyurethane waterproofing is widely used in roofing, basement, indoor carpark, wall, etc. Whereas the coating is more like a thin layer of paint that applied to the surface of structure or product. This layer usually acts as UV protection, reflective and also help keep the structure cool down. Often this coating would require constant maintenance around 1 to 2 years and subject to wear faster in a harsh environment. Of course, nowadays waterproofing comes in different brand and mixture and some coating even perform better than the membrane. Some even combine them to use it together.

Tile for Floor and Wall

Aug 19 2018
TIle is a hard-wearing building material due to its firm in strength, small in weight, resistant to pressure and wear, and can be protected from moisture. Tile are usually use as floor decorative for room or buildings while thinner tile will be usually used on walls rather than on floors because walls require more durable surfaces rather than resist impacts. These tiles are usually made up of marble and granite, ceramic, clay and etc. Although other popular flooring and wall materials like laminate, wood, luxury vinyl, etc are being widely used, floor tiles are still the first choice for many consumers because tiles have a solid texture, easy in cleaning, heat-resistant, wear-resistant, chemical resistant, watertight that makes it high versatility and very durable.


Apr 28 2022
Timber or so-called lumber is usually a trimmed block of wood that process into beams and planks of a building or structure. furniture are usually separate to two main type which is hardwood that usually used for decorative purposes and the other is softwood that often uses as the structural material. These two names are usually misleading because hardwood is not necessarily hard and softwood are not necessarily soft and they are usually distinguished through botanically in terms of their reproduction. Hardwood are usually tend to be denser and therefore sturdier meanwhile softwood are lesser in dense and therefore easier to cut. So in general, the denser of a wood than the easier it will split if you pound a nail into it. Thus in order to nail it the right way, you will have to drill a screw hole or bolt hole. However, softwood or structural lumber which is much softer and lighter able to accepts nail easily without splitting it and thus making it a good material for general construction.


Aug 20 2018
Ceilings are the top surfaces covering product of a building's interior. They are usually used to conceal the roof structure and the pipe or wire under it. For certain type of ceilings, it can even provide the function of sound insulation, energy efficiency, and fire resistance.

Despite the fact that functionality is important, people still need their house or space looks nice. For an architect or designer, ceilings are one of the vital design for a home or space as it represents the perfect balance between the other decorative element. There can be many types of ceiling design, it can be decorated with fresco painting, mosaic tiles, surface treatments, chandeliers, light tube, ceiling fans, skylights, air conditioners, etc.

The most common type of ceiling is the dropped ceiling which suspended from structural elements above. This type of ceilings is commonly used in airports, stations, office buildings, shopping malls, subway stations, and residential buildings. Other types of ceiling include of the cathedral ceiling, concave ceiling or barrel-shaped ceiling, stretched ceiling, coffered ceiling etc. In the past, traditional houses were mostly made up of straw mats, banquets, and wooden boards. With the advancement of technology, more modern ceiling materials like gypsum board, light steel keel, splint, aluminum strip ceiling, stained glass, PVC ceiling, new plastic steel plate ceiling, etc have been introduced.

Landscape Design

Jun 16 2020
Landscape design generally refers to the planning and design of landscapes and gardens for a building project or a household or any places that you wish to preserve the nature and at the same time provide an eyeful scenery. Landscape design and landscape architecture have many similarities which sometimes the difference is minor on specification or detail only.

Landscape architectures usually work out by landscape architect which has to be certified. While for a design that works on smaller residential projects, or development usually a landscape designer would be sufficient. Landscape design mainly uses on: urban landscape design(city square, commercial street, office environment, etc), residential landscape design, parking areas, urban park, tourist resort, cultural heritage, etc. For a landscape architecture it would usually cover more scope such as steep slopes, retaining walls, irrigation systems, stormwater management, outdoor structures, driveways, and anything that able to ensure the well being of a project or development whether is before, after or ongoing.

Doors and Windows

Aug 23 2018
Doors and windows are an important part of the building as an openable barrier. The requirement for doors and windows is usually low thermal conductivity, sound insulation, waterproof, fire resistant, etc. Currently, the new requirement is energy saving where the cold areas are separated and lesser energy consume on cooling or heating. Another is the important part of the architectural design of a building so their shape, size, and color will have a big impact on the overall view of the building.

The type of doors and windows are louver, frame, ironmongery, sliding, overhang, awning, French etc. The casement doors and windows are one of those common types which the framework are usually wood, steel, aluminium, glass, or combination of any of these materials. The material for shutter can be timber, plywood, glass, block or any material that should meet the minimum requirement of the industrialization of buildings which is sturdy, durable, flexible to open, tightly closed and easy to repair and clean.