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Concrete Paver

Jul 13 2020
Concrete paver is a rigid flooring material that can be installed as your outdoor interlocking patio, for the application of driveway and walkway. Comparing to the choice of concreting the floor, paver seems a wiser selection as in the tendency of getting crack is lower over certain period of time. Imagining concrete slab was to be chosen for an important garden that aesthetic shall be close to perfect and therefore, any cracking will cause the whole piece to be replaced. On the contrary to the substituation of cracked individual paver piece, since loose concrete paver that can hold up basically 2.5 times more than the compatible poured concrete (over 1360kg per square inch of pressure).

The mix and match of concrete pavers can also be possible from its diverseness such as shape, colour, texture and thickness. Designers can play around with the paver laying pattern, fully utilizing the advantages of concrete pavers in the landscaping field. Depending on the overview of landscape design, paving are open-ended with unrestrained possibilities. For instance, 36 inches width of walkway is standard for two people but yet, some might just consign up to 48 inches to make walker more comfortable side-by-side along the way.

Landscape Design

Jun 16 2020
Landscape design generally refers to the planning and design of landscapes and gardens for a building project or a household or any places that you wish to preserve the nature and at the same time provide an eyeful scenery. Landscape design and landscape architecture have many similarities which sometimes the difference is minor on specification or detail only.

Landscape architectures usually work out by landscape architect which has to be certified. While for a design that works on smaller residential projects, or development usually a landscape designer would be sufficient. Landscape design mainly uses on: urban landscape design(city square, commercial street, office environment, etc), residential landscape design, parking areas, urban park, tourist resort, cultural heritage, etc. For a landscape architecture it would usually cover more scope such as steep slopes, retaining walls, irrigation systems, stormwater management, outdoor structures, driveways, and anything that able to ensure the well being of a project or development whether is before, after or ongoing.

DIY Garden

Jul 4 2020
Before begin to your home do-it-yourself (DIY) gardening works, there are tools required to be there such as the wheelbarrow, glove, garden trowel, fork hoe, dibber, pruning shears, heavy-duty hoe, garden knife, digging spade and more. It is also depending on your planned gardening layout and size overall, not everyone requires a wider range of products. Many people might have only a balcony garden as they are staying in the high rise apartment but some could have to stay on a landed property who can enjoy a bigger size of the yard. For instance, a wheelbarrow that is used transporting material might not be needed for a smaller size of the garden. A dibber is usually practical to have one since it is key for making a hole for seedling, just like the garden trowel that assists in moving smaller amount of soil, as compared to digging spade when heavier duty needed to be carried out.

Fork hoe is useful when the soil breaking has to be done, classically applied in the required loosen of the soil before any sowing or planting to be done. Then, we have the hoe or heavy-duty hoe that also can be used to do soil grooming and removing those unnecessary weeds. Either annual weeds are to be chopped off or getting works done for existing shallow-rooted plants, multiple functionalities make it widely used since ancient agriculture. Furthermore, when stirrup hoe or known as the oscillating hoe is purchased, the owner normally uses this amazing wedding stuff in a situation where the ground can only accept parallel working tool. Some minor but important items such as garden secateurs, garden knife, glove and galosh (or rubber boot) are also good helping tools to get gardening works to seem to be easier. The overshoes can let the user move smoothly and safely in the slippery, muddy and wet surfaces while gardening glove protects you from getting dirty, injured by minor bites, caustic substance, sharp objects or plants' thorns and prickles.

Gabion for Garden

Jul 25 2020
Several kinds of gabions and cages can be used for your garden decoration, the most popular one would be PVC coated and galvanized steel cage due to their long-lasting feature. At the same time, they are also good performers in term of aesthetic and resistant to multiple conditions such as raining, ultraviolet (UV) from sunlight, dust, dirt, chemical, a scratch from birds and more. However, the cage of gabions must be calculated properly from its wire thickness that is measured in diameter since it is indirectly affecting the strength of overall to hold the loads imposed by the infilling materials. Since the infill materials such as rock, stone, concrete, sand and soil are all heavy in weight, the strength integrity must be there to prevent unnecessary occurrence of any potential incidents.

Gabion cage has also another specification point must be paid with attention, which is the distance between wire gap, because if your infilling components have a chance smaller than the gap, the materials will also fall down that after causing unwanted risks. Even without the danger, the falling down of smaller-sized stone will also make the gabion cage loosen up and not nice to be viewed externally. Gabion cage is a wonderful protective layer to whatever material you wish to enclose it but at the same time, displaying it for garden visitors or family members to enjoy their activities at your house. PVC coated and galvanized cages for those gabions also decide the useful life of the garden decoration when it is being compared to untreated gabion surfaces.

Fence for Garden

Oct 16 2020
Garden fence is undoubtedly one of the most essential building materials to look at, before the commencing work for planting flowers and vegetables. It can help to secure your hard work by blocking animal, bypasses as well as foreign objects damaging it. Regardless of whats materials to be used when designing it, it has to be stable and durable enough so a third-party cannot breakthrough easily. Commonly to see people use wooden, steel, aluminium, vinyl, composite, stone, brick, other natural and composite products to build it. It is all depending on the budget and preferred theme for such an application, always getting more research and sourcing around before deciding this part since it will last you for decades.

There are several materials suggested by contractors in which metal base is the most popular due to its versatility and many manufacturers can offer such materials, galvanizing or other coatings might be required on top of decorative painting on colours. This is to double ensuring that the fence can withstand high and long hour exposure against sunlight's ultraviolet (UV), wind, water, dust, dirt, scratch and other impacting damages. Cost comparison usually comes with quality compromising trade-off, and this is worth to be invested even you are a minimalist in term of the interior. A stressful day back to home with an appealing garden walk, coupled with a nice fence view will guarantee an uplifting of mood and restoration of energy.