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Solar Heater

Jan 29 2024
A solar heater can mean either the one used in the bathroom or the one that can heat those rooms such as the living room, bedroom to even your toilet. Of course, it is usually applicable to countries with four seasons, winter and autumn need the most. There are more possibilities where we will require a cooling system or mechanical devices to lower the temperature when you are located at tropical countries or cities. The solar water heater can be part of the heating system in general, whereas, under normal circumstances, the water heater does play a role to provide water in higher temperatures for the sake of applications such as handwashing, bath-taking, laundry, drinking water or more. Compared to the heater of your house, the solar heater can be meant more too. An industrial water heater can also be installed, this is to actually contribute to the overall electricity bills of the factory and plant by having the use of solar power to generate heat so that we do not have to tap much from the conventional grid power which was the source of multiple raw energy bases.

Energy saving is one of the hot topics in the town, whereas solar is the renewable energy that should not be neglected within the choices of everyone. In order to make a productive energy-saving plan, consultants must be involved, ranging from engineers, contractors, designers, architects, interior designer, manufacturer or product and system dealer. It is incredibly awesome to understand that we are in a safe position when professionals come into the overall picture because it is not really costly when you get some but not all of them to be involved in your proposal, either for a new or existing project. Buildings and heavy industries' plants will have different requirements, while owners shall understand the beauty part of engaging with third parties so that those unbiased pitching of ideas and budgets can be reasonably tabulated out to generate economical values. There is no harm to try to source from multiple players, from contractors who got a designer or consultant to back them up to an architect or engineer who has got a supplier with installer service to provide a full turnkey solution.
Jul 14 2021
A pool filled up with water, a simple enjoyment is then can be entitled to swimmers to carry out their hobby, leisure gathering to vacation. Of course, there are possibilities for training purpose too as many Olympic sized pools are available in the academy centre in each of the cities within the nation. The pool can also be built to bungalow, hotel, retreat, shared community centre, theme park to non-swimmable areas. For instance, there are developers who will put on the pool within the walking or jogging tracks for their residents to spend their time alone as well as with family. Some pools-for-view application is well maintained and it was built before the food & beverage (F&B) outlet was constructed before everything else, the pool specification will affect the value of the property development and therefore, it must be paid with high attention on details and particulars.

Speciality is a field where the pool designer can earn a decent income since not everyone can do this incredible job, it involves basically from Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, waterproofing, soil reinforcement, finishing and spare parts producers. Some pool is simpler as they use it with ordinary fabricated by steel or other metal instead of a residential or commercial one. The pool is a very important feature or selling point for condominium, apartment and a medium-to-high end range of residential areas, sometimes it also does exist in some commercial tower that has this as a facility for tenants. Furthermore, serviced residence landed properties and some other SOHO, SOVO, SOFO types of developments will have a pool as their constructed benefits of living there. The pool will be maintained nicely by property management, either in-house or outsourced by the developer.

Floor for Bathroom

Sep 14 2020
There are plenty of options when you have to shop for bathroom floor, where the anti-slip feature shall be the major fact to be there for such floor characteristics among all the others. Usually, tile is a good option, from porcelain, ceramic, marble, granite to other workable tiles. Without a doubt, there are always more options to be the pick, therefore do not put your only idea to only one specialized shop. Since ceramic tile supplier might not be selling other kinds such as the wooden plank, pebble stone or more. Flooring is worth to be invested for toilet area when we have elderly and kid at the home, to cut down the probability of getting injured due to falling down of them. Moreover, we shall always remember that the quality of the finishings shall be there so its colour would not be faded even used up for many years.

This area of the house is where all the people will make it wet consistently when in use, examples of activities are including legs washing, shower or other hand and face might also spill the water to the floor. Not only that, but the chemical such as hand soap, shower gel, shampoo, make-up, body or other face's products might also have eroded to the undergarment when they are being spilt to the floor without immediate cleaning. The flooring must also be able to waterproof with a chemical resistant, so the cleaning process is easier while the chemical will not penetrate even not clearing it up as soon as we can. There are many more properties shall we actually allocating our energy to explore, such as impact-resistant, softness to foot, financial cost and maintenance frequency.
Square Bathtub


Jul 22 2020
There are several bathtubs and usual the Asian type design always let bather sit right up and not lying down as compared to what western-style prefers, shorter but deeper in Eastern kind of bathtub but lengthy and shallow generally in the other part of the world. Since the inception of bathtub from the year of 1842, people have gone through an evolution and start installing it at a smaller scaling speed. Not until the official inventor was there to claim his awesome work in the year of 1883, John Michael Kohler took cast-iron horse trough with some added decorative. The olden day was known as clawfoot tub, but this porcelain-lined cast iron product was a luxury to people before the modernized technology plays its role to enhance the design, widen up the raw materials from acrylic, fibreglass to many other varieties for the sake of lowering down the cost.

So many documentaries show the historical development of bathtubs, such as the pedestal tub was there longer than thousands of years ago. We have then other types of shower tub besides for the adult, known as the infant tub or baby bathtub. These commercialized products are useful for toddlers who yet to learn how to sit by their bones and muscles that still go on the process of growth. Then we have hot tubs that can be used in therapy, medical treatment or relaxation which are pools that have been heated up. At the same time, people also enjoy soft tubs that can be used for elderly or for kids made up of protective non-slip coating, foam and soft plastic. Nevertheless, whirlpool tub (or commonly known as jacuzzi, hot tub, spa tub) and freestanding tubs installed in a larger bathroom when the living standard of people is now better off.

Shower Screen

Jul 1 2020
Comparing to the shower curtain, the shower screen is much easier to be cleaned. Shower screen always uses tempered glass (or called as safety glass) and therefore, preventing any broken shattered glass pieces to injure the user. Many people are able to fit their own shower screen when they are good in do-it-yourself (DIY), there are few things to pay attention onto, such as water tightness and the tile drilling with necessary tools and fittings. Safety is always the priority as shower door might be exploding if no appropriate fixing has been done, this is why hiring a professional who is experienced to carry out the job seems to be a smarter choice. Fortunately, hinges, brackets and frames normally will still in their original position even when the explosion of shower screen happens.

A frameless shower screen is a leading preference by many users, and they have some concerns on the leakage issue most of the time, but usually water will not go through those small gaps at the door's sides and hinges when correct fixing was done by the installer. The expert has claimed that frameless shower panel can withstand daily usage stress up to 30 years or more when appropriate care was taken, same applies to framed shower door since there is metal to support the glass edges. Theoretically speaking, the ordinary shower glass for a bathroom shall remain its thickness at around half an inch but the one with openable function would have at least 3/8 inch of glass. The common height for those shower screen and shower door is approximately 180cm and of course, the manufacturer will calculate and advise the height and maximum span based on the product's weight and width.

Bathroom Design

Jun 22 2020
There are few ways to make some classical bathroom designs such as the traditional, both contemporary or modern, mid-century, minimalist, eclectic, Asian and art deco. In term of traditional, the more or less key elements that we will be focusing would be the materials and finishes applied for such style. The wall and floor tiles which exposed the most to the owner shall be installed with finishing with the penny, subway or hexagonal feel of vintage, before touching the countertops by using slate, stone or granite. Even though the contemporary and modern are similar, while the modernized bathroom is going more on the "Now" which is simple-oriented but yet contemporary is having a tendency toward futurism.

Midcentury is, on the other hand, focus on architectural furniture and fixtures that are popular in the middle of the nineteenth century. A minimalist design might take away toiletries and uses a lot of shelves and built-in cabinets for space-opening without many obstructive items. One style that might allow the owner to allocate diverse ideas to the bathroom, called as eclectic but yet its colour mix-and-match shall be followed principally. Asian oriented fashion works on the incorporation of elements including stone, wood as well as outdoor materials. Craftsman rich and visually fulfilling artwork such as durable marble is highly applicable when coming to Art Deco style that has been emphasized since world war one.

Sanitary Ware & Fitting

Nov 2 2022
Sanitary ware & fittings are important internal equipment for a building. It usages ranging from accessories, washing, collecting and discharging sewage waste or water from the daily usage of a building or room. Sanitary ware & fittings can be found mostly in toilets and bathroom but occasionally it can found in a garden or an outdoor place like a swimming pool. It can usually refer to equipment like a toilet bowl, cisterns, urinals, washbasin, shower set, hanger, etc. Most sanitary ware & fittings materials were made up of ceramics, enamel cast iron, enameled steel plates, and terrazzo. Other new materials include fiberglass(FRP), cultured marble(man-made marble), Imitation stone, stainless steel, etc. The normal requirement for sanitary ware was smooth in surface, ease of installation and low in cost but now as new culture and technology being set in it is now required to be beautiful appearance, energy saving and also sound insulation.