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Living Room

Turning Your Living Room into a Stylish Haven

May 27 2024
Turning Your Living Room into a Stylish Haven: Zones and Design

A well-designed living room should be both functional and stylish. It should cater to your needs and reflect your personality. But how do you achieve this balance, especially if you have an open floor plan or a limited amount of space? The answer lies in defining zones and incorporating a design style that speaks to you.
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Living Room

Cozy Comfort or Chic Appeal | Design Your Dream Living Room Style

May 27 2024
Do you dream of curling up with a good book in a plush armchair, or hosting stylish soirees with cocktails and conversation? The answer reveals your ideal living room style: cozy comfort or chic appeal. This guide will help you explore both aesthetics and design your dream living room!
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Living Room

Living Room Makeover | From Bland to Grand in 10 Easy Steps

May 27 2024
Is your living room feeling a bit lackluster? Does it fail to inspire or impress? Fear not! With a few easy tweaks, you can transform your living space from bland to grand. Here's a 10-step guide to help you achieve a living room makeover that's both stylish and functional
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Living Room

The Art of Curtains

Feb 29 2024
Curtains, often regarded as mere window coverings, play a multifaceted role in our homes. Beyond their utilitarian function of providing privacy and blocking out light, curtains have evolved into an essential element of interior design. This article explores the various aspects of curtains, from their historical significance to their modern-day aesthetic and functional purposes.

A Brief History:
Curtains have been an integral part of human dwellings for centuries. In ancient times, they were primarily used to keep out drafts and dust. The earliest curtains were simple pieces of cloth hung over doorways or windows. Over time, as societies progressed, so did the art of curtain-making. Intricate fabrics, patterns, and embellishments became a symbol of wealth and status.
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Living Room

Light up your home and your wallet

Nov 2 2023
Lighting is one of the most overlooked factors when it comes to increasing home value. But it can make a big difference, both in terms of aesthetics and function. Here are a few tips on how to use lighting to instantly make your home more appealing to buyers:

Layer your lighting
This means using a combination of different types of lighting, such as overhead lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. This will create a more balanced and inviting look in your home.

Use natural light whenever possible
Natural light is the best way to light your home, and it can also help to save you money on your energy bills. If you have a lot of natural light in your home, make sure to take advantage of it by opening your curtains and blinds during the day.
Living Room

Color for living room

Jul 11 2023
Choosing the right color for your living room can have a significant impact on the overall ambiance and mood of the space. Different colors arouse different emotions and can create various effects. Here are a few popular color options to consider for your living room:

Neutral Tones
Neutral colors such as beige, ivory, gray, or taupe are timeless choices that provide a versatile backdrop for various decor styles. They create a calm and soothing atmosphere, allowing other elements in the room to stand out. Neutrals also offer flexibility in terms of furniture and accessory choices, as they tend to complement a wide range of colors.
Living Room

Home Deco for Living Room

Jan 29 2024
There are several home decorative components for the living room, from ceiling, flooring, wall to furniture. Furniture can also be classified as built-in one or loose furniture, its material can also be divided into aluminium, wood, steel, plastic, acrylic, glass to many more. While ceiling can be gypsum board, plasterboard, plastering or ceiling panel that is made up of aluminium, timber, steel, polycarbonate or others. Flooring is also essential to be focused on, its materials such as vinyl, SPC (stone plastic composite), WPC (wood plastic composite), ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, granite, carpet, timber and some durable resin based floors. The coated floor is also another option, customizable based on usage and intensity of it, from epoxy, PU (polyurethane), anti-static, waterproof and some special synthetic interior floors. Never let the raw finishes or bare floors restrict your creativity, just like how other wall and ceiling varieties do to you.

If your house has young little kids, better to furnish with building materials that can achieve your objectives, including anti-slippery, impact-resistance, scratch-proof, resistance against stain as well as other properties. Identical elaboration when you have other old folks or seniors in your home, you shall make your space more practical in terms of fall resistance and other features that can prevent injuries among them. Anti-fragile is crucial when you have them in your house because you wish no one could be damaged because of negligence when you do your design in your common area. Furniture should also be fabricated with wide consideration, factors inclusive of retractability, hiddable and dismantlable to save space. Of course, this is provided with your house area is not huge enough to occupy many of the traditional furniture, as well as utilizing the professional to run the show for interior space-saving.
Living Room

Family Design for Living Room

Jun 24 2021
Essential change must be made to the living room to be comfortable and fit the requirement of the whole family, the occupants of a house with bigger members' number shall have more and diverse preferences collectively as well as individually. More or less, we must always care for the elders and the kids since they are usually the group that makes more sense to stay in the gathering place most of the time compared to other working adults, schooling as well as housewives. Pretty simple, the father works every day except weekend and will only spend time before going to the office or after back from the original departing venue. Father usually the busiest but the one who earns for the design, maybe (and or) for the renovation works later on. The mother is popular to be known as a good chef while keeping the family members fed with satisfaction, will spend time to be driver, groceries shopper, household items organizers.

Cleaning and maintenance for housewife shall be made easily without hassle, therefore, they can save time for their other work schedule in the house (although a lot of working women in the society too). In addition, the design shall not encourage too frequent television watching, promotes laziness as well as overly comfort then every people in the house would not so relax all the time on the sofa. Lighting aspect of the home need to be further studied and interior designers can put their ideas onto the table before disclosing to other suppliers as well as contractors of that particular product range. Flooring, ceiling and wall need to be awesome enough to retain the heat or cold penetrating as well as emitting out from the house, in term of their materials while a majority of household focus only of the price but could afford to some higher standard house design that already incorporated it, such as the high-end condominium.
Living Room

Living Room Lighting

Oct 13 2020
The living room is an area where family and friend gathering, so the importance of lighting is undoubtedly the point which everyone aware of. Many people today still neglected that part even though they know but did not make a change on this part of the living room. It is harmful to the human's eyes when exposed to weak lighting or low brightness where reading, watching television or other activities that need brightness. Especially when there are readers who prefer to use this space as their reading area, during evening or night. An appropriate design of lighting colour, the intensity of area, type of lighting and of course, the practicability in energy efficiency by not duplicating certain brightness and use of products.

During day time, there could be also the period where the weather turns dark due to raining or thunderstorm; at least when cloudy, in which clouds block the sunlight from going through a window to your house. Furthermore, people tend to watch television in a dark for cinema, but it is actually harmful when to make it often with long duration in your own house. Since most of the people watch drama or another kind of series for entertainment after a long day or, housewives with kids as well as elders who base home most of the time. Not every home has the ideal design to receive sunlight all the day, maybe some windows built at only one side (such as, in a condominium), then they can only receive bright natural light during morning or afternoon.
Living Room

Wall for Living Room

Sep 2 2020
Wall can do wonder to your house, by merely looking at it when you sit to carry out daily activities such as watching television, reading a book, passing by or even go-or-back from the house. The mood is optimized without any doubt when you have a wonderful wall that can elevate its aesthetic feel. Many might concern on the cost to beautify the wall, but it is always can be done with cost-effectiveness through proper research, engaging with the right interior designer or contractor. First of all, owners must always narrow down the requirement and need before taking a further step to execute. Planning by starting to explore through searching on the internet, asking friends around or look around when visiting some good sample houses of your contacts.

A nice wall speaks a thousand word, by installing that, it also enhances the value of your property, your image, your taste and more. Investing materials that can be very low in cost but appearing to be authentic while enjoying the worthiest value. Some people might just put on a large-scale artwork or photograph onto the wall, putting on more than creating a feel of show gallery. There are also other ways such as hanging a mirror, plates, installing more shelves, cabinets, multipurpose furniture, fabric wall panel and more. Furthermore, some people prefer applied or installed without buying additional items, they might consider to put on some texture wall paint, 3D wall panel, tiled feature and more. From different themes to wide varieties of materials, magic can be created.
Living Room

Ceiling for Living Room

Jul 29 2020
The ceiling is actually acting as three main applications for living room, from physical, statical and architectonic. They will help to stiffen the building and room, while also take up load instead of just for pleasing the eye. Materials available in the market enables insulation against heat, sound and fire resistance. Further to elaboration, the ceiling is integrated into the building as a whole providing either enclosure of overhead or can be left exposed. The lighting and other decoration can also use this part of the structure for their hanging, while an appropriately designed ceiling offer combined aesthetic lighting effect to the room. It comprises of the bare ceiling, top ceiling and sub-ceiling while playing as supportive, floor constructive or just merely to cover underneath of the bare ceiling.

There are ranges of material options can be fabricated for a ceiling, from plaster ceiling, drywall, ceiling tile, wood, metal, aluminium to composite. An overhead surface that used to cover room makes also the underside of roof and floor where hiding is the main goal. The common way to attach the ceiling will be directly fastened to the joists of ceiling or through multiple layers of plywood (remember to always ask the subcontractor to give only moisture-proof to prevent future pipe, slab or roof leaking causing subsequent severe issues to other parts of your house. Always can see that dropped ceiling that is suspended, through the standard installation method from any structural element on top of it. Coving will be surrounded between the wall and the ceiling edges, this uniform mould pieces are also known as a kind of cornice profile.
Living Room

Feng Shui of Living Room

Jul 10 2020
Feng Shui means wind and water in Chinese while it was incepted since five thousand years ago, while the main purpose is to enhance general well including health and prosperity in overall for the particular place, i.e. living room of this topic. It involves the evaluation of "qi" flows and then improving it through energy harmonization, going through the core five elements metal, wood, water, fire and earth. In the perspective of guest, living room decorative orientation show your family and you as the impression created to them will affect them spiritually, physically and emotionally. Chinese metaphysics has the belief that with the right direction and allocation for element, the good thing with fortune will be congregated together for a family. It applies to the family members as a whole too, assembling their hearts, spiritual and being more united.

In addition to the hospitality, the most ordinary function for the living room is basically for the family to chat and gather. Therefore, it shall be a place that is friendly and lively since it will relate to the rise and fall of career, fame, health and wealth of a family. From the children's education or exam, the fate of couple, family's wealth quality, number of luck, career progress and wellness of body condition to overall. The core and the science make sense throughout generations even we speak of human psychology, such as the arrangement of furniture position to other layouts that makes ways and comfortability bring conveniences. Appropriate components with their characteristics either virtually or physically can affect the flows of ventilation within the house as well as the visually, the emotional mood of tenants who spend time in the living area from day to night time.
Living Room

Floor for Living Room

Jun 28 2020
Wide range of flooring can be installed when coming to household living room, from natural hardwood or known as wooden as well as timber flooring, to synthetic floors consist of laminate, vinyl. On top of that, there are also other options for native one such as stone, concrete, porcelain tile, carpet, ceramic, granite, marble, cork, bamboo, travertine to other resin floors. According to statistics, the most popular one is always the wooden surface outlook, which is either hardwood (solid or engineered wood) or the LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile), followed by carpet floor. There are several benefits of using these popular flooring but yet in term of durability by research and survey, porcelain tile has the best ranking since it is highly resistant to dents, moisture and scratches. The next one would be Terrazo (although some disputes saying it is better than porcelain in term of durability), quarry tile, LVT, epoxy, carpet and rubber.

As people today emphasizing on the healthiness of flooring, therefore professionals recommend to go for solid surface flooring too in which FSC certified is definitely a preferred one when talking about quality. It is basically a standard to emphasize environmental and social responsibility, namely the Forest Stewardship Council. Additionally, the public will choose also sealants and finishes that contain a low-level of volatile organic compound (VOC), preferably with the installation using click-lock or nail-down instead of glue. Moreover, the availability and cost to acquire certain kind of materials are also the consideration factors for owners to put on their sustainable flooring.
Living Room

Contemporary Living Room

Jul 1 2020
Contemporary Living Room can be designed as a present basis, and the emphasis has to do with the shape, line as well as the form in addition to the application of neutral colour tones. Colour is one of the elements, but it is vital to include also texture, lighting and orientation of various materials within the living room. The installation of windows that are large in size is one of the good ideas, for the sake of minimizing the obstructed view to show the connectivity between outdoor and indoor.

From the perspective of furniture style in a contemporary theme, surfaces with a lighter wooden tone that simply presented in a clear straight line will enhance the propulsion. Offsetting its intelligibility through wall paint colours that are not too be at odds with carpentry settings further improve the feeling of contemporary design. Coupled with an appropriate skylights' natural headlight, an openness that contrast the characteristics of asymmetric and dauntless shapes for home finishes create a bold engraving scenery. Tidy and cleanliness exclusively worked by the appearance of material selection such as metal accent improve the overall message of this interior concept.