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Jun 28 2020
Wide range of flooring can be installed when coming to household living room, from natural hardwood or known as wooden as well as timber flooring, to synthetic floors consist of laminate, vinyl. On top of that, there are also other options for native one such as stone, concrete, porcelain tile, carpet, ceramic, granite, marble, cork, bamboo, travertine to other resin floors. According to statistics, the most popular one is always the wooden surface outlook, which is either hardwood (solid or engineered wood) or the LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile), followed by carpet floor. There are several benefits of using these popular flooring but yet in term of durability by research and survey, porcelain tile has the best ranking since it is highly resistant to dents, moisture and scratches. The next one would be Terrazo (although some disputes saying it is better than porcelain in term of durability), quarry tile, LVT, epoxy, carpet and rubber.

As people today emphasizing on the healthiness of flooring, therefore professionals recommend to go for solid surface flooring too in which FSC certified is definitely a preferred one when talking about quality. It is basically a standard to emphasize environmental and social responsibility, namely the Forest Stewardship Council. Additionally, the public will choose also sealants and finishes that contain a low-level of volatile organic compound (VOC), preferably with the installation using click-lock or nail-down instead of glue. Moreover, the availability and cost to acquire certain kind of materials are also the consideration factors for owners to put on their sustainable flooring.
Instead of putting expensive and luxury flooring materials, manufacturers are producing affordable materials that seem to be luxury as technologies today are very mature to do so. Synthetic material is definitely a preferred option when an owner wishes to protect the environment through chopping down lesser trees from the jungles. Specifically, the vinyl and laminate wood flooring is both the options for budget-worthy when designers suggest to any of the living room while still able to carry the natural aesthetic feel. Manufactured by particleboard wood or mimics wood that has been treated, before putting up both layers of photographic applique and transparent protective. Providing elegance while its richness never being affected by moisture damage throughout the time, can also be cleaned up easily that many people would not able to distinguish between real and engineered hardwood flooring.

Synthetic material like these are also outperforming if they have to expose to the atmosphere that has unstable temperature, but hardwood claims to have also health effects to the tenants of the house because pesticides, allergens and microorganisms will not be harboured by them. Similarly, animal dander, mould and dust will be minimized from accumulation, highly suitable for a home with the kid, elderly and animal. Both hardwood and artificial timber flooring can lift up the economical value of your home while providing cost affordability advantages to both new and maintenance of existing one. Both of the flooring types can be polished, replaced, recoated and therefore owners should have little concern on their affected surface appearance in case of external damages imposed. However, its resistance to heavyweight, non-foot traffic, tough impact, scratch, wear and tear is as good as other varieties of flooring.
Carpet and tile floor are actually good partners that many people will combine both of these two floor-coverings in their sweet home. They are relatively similar too in term of pricing wise, smart moves to use both of them on areas around the house beside the living room. Living areas are best to use these flooring products as carpet soft and warmth can offset with the hard surface of porcelain tile. Some of the areas within the living room might have frequent consumption of food and beverage, porcelain tile is, therefore, suitable to be barely there without another blanket. The justification is as simple as this surface of the product will not absorb much moisture that makes no sense for the stain to seep into it, while any damp cloth can wipe conveniently with simple water and a certain level of mild cleaning detergent.

Certainly, porcelain tiles are also resisting against scratch, fade, fire, harsh chemical in addition to stain. As the living room is the second most visited place in the whole house beside a bedroom, while it is also an area where family and friend gather to carry out their conversation, television watching, playing games and the comfortability of the floor is absolutely the first prioritized factor to look at when conducting the selection of materials among all available option. Carpet enables the insulation feature to exist, from temperature to acoustic and thus, offering stability that helps to elevate the mood of people who put their footsteps on top of it. Home with elders and children feel safer too as their tendency of falling down is higher but the impact absorption is there to prevent severe injury onto their skin, joint, bone, muscle as compared to other tougher products.
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