Tile for Floor and Wall

Nov 2 2022
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TIle is a hard-wearing building material due to its firm in strength, small in weight, resistant to pressure and wear, and can be protected from moisture. Tile are usually use as floor decorative for room or buildings while thinner tile will be usually used on walls rather than on floors because walls require more durable surfaces rather than resist impacts. These tiles are usually made up of marble and granite, ceramic, clay and etc. Although other popular flooring and wall materials like laminate, wood, luxury vinyl, etc are being widely used, floor tiles are still the first choice for many consumers because tiles have a solid texture, easy in cleaning, heat-resistant, wear-resistant, chemical resistant, watertight that makes it high versatility and very durable.
When choosing a tile one must consider the functionality and aspects of room or space. if a house living some elderly or children then choosing polished tiles, seepage tiles or porcelain tiles would be unwise because these floor tiles are usually not non-slip. Hence before purchasing any tiles, a slip test should be taken in order to avoid any unnecessary incident. Tiles can also be selected based on personal preferences on the layout, color tone, texture, and specification. In addition, you should also pay attention to whether is a small pitting on the surface when using a hard object to scribe on the glaze of the tile. if there are no traces left that means the crystal structure of the tile are higher in density and hence a harder surface and better scratch resistance. Most of the floor tiles are full polished glazed tiles, vitrified tiles, polished tiles, matt tiles, glazed tiles, printed tiles, non-slip tiles, acid proof floor tiles.

One the common use tile is the terrazzo tile. Terrazzo tile is a material made up by putting mineral chips on the surface of a concrete and polish it until the surface smooth. The mineral that use for the surface inclusive of marble, quartz, granite and also other suitable material like glass. This tile is usually produced as concrete precast which the concrete form as a tile for wall or floor treatment. The usage of stone chip usually results better in aesthetic view. Same terrazzo material can also be used as flooring but usually take longer time than terrazzo tile. Terrazzo tile is usually slippery in surface but you can put a coating on it to counter this issue. Another common problem for terrazzo tile is that the surface usually does not retain heat making the floor cold if the climate is cold but for a hotter climate this will be more favorable to terrazzo tile as this material are naturally cooling. Terrazzo tile also like other stone tiles which better in durability, water resistant, stain resistant and low maintenance. If the surface of tiles is worn out, a simple polish will make it glossy and as good as new again.
Following are the common advantages of floor tiles:

Wear resistance(10-20years)

Chemical resistance

Grease and stain resistance

Environmental friendly (low emission VOC and low-level Radionuclide)

Have a wide range of design and colours

Popular Tile product

Terrazzo tiles

Ceramic tiles (Homogeneous tiles)

Porcelain tiles

Marble tiles

Natural stone tiles

Wood tiles

Granite tiles

Slate tiles

Limestone tiles

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