Apr 28 2022
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Timber or so-called lumber is usually a trimmed block of wood that process into beams and planks of a building or structure. furniture are usually separate to two main type which is hardwood that usually used for decorative purposes and the other is softwood that often uses as the structural material. These two names are usually misleading because hardwood is not necessarily hard and softwood are not necessarily soft and they are usually distinguished through botanically in terms of their reproduction. Hardwood are usually tend to be denser and therefore sturdier meanwhile softwood are lesser in dense and therefore easier to cut. So in general, the denser of a wood than the easier it will split if you pound a nail into it. Thus in order to nail it the right way, you will have to drill a screw hole or bolt hole. However, softwood or structural lumber which is much softer and lighter able to accepts nail easily without splitting it and thus making it a good material for general construction.
The use of timber in architectural decoration is increasing especially on the decorations of homes, office and commercial buildings. Woods are a renewable resource and also as one of the sources of renewable energy and continue to store carbon for their lifetime which helps in fighting climate change. Timber can be made up of different material like bamboo, cherry wood, maple wood, pine wood, oak wood, walnut wood, etc which can be used for different usage or by personal preference. Timber can be seen in many forms in a building. For a room, wood is usually used as wood flooring, wood cupboard, and bed frames. The smell of nature and aesthetic appeal are the unique combinations that other materials can't reflect. Any kind of furniture that is made up of wood also possesses an innate stability and reliability which eventually increase the lifespan of the furniture itself too.
Chengal wood is one of the famous wood in Malaysia. A good quality of Chengal wood usually able to provide an aesthetic view, durable, fungal resistant and termite resistant. It is a type of hardwood that does not rot easily in a moisture environment or dry fluctuating environment. A proper treatment applies to the wood would usually increase its lifespan around 2 times than the untreated one. So they are usually used for outdoor decking, garden bench, columns, beams, roofs, flooring, window, door, heavy duty furniture, boat, etc. Choosing a good quality of Chengal wood is important because low-quality Chengal wood usually does not last long and wear out easily. The high quality of Chengal wood is currently running shortage so the price will be more premium and usually what you pay is what you get.

Shorea wood or commonly refer as Meranti wood or Balau wood in Malaysia. It was usually separated into five categories White Meranti, Yellow Meranti, Light Red Meranti, Dark Red Meranti, and Balau. Whereas Balau and Dark red Meranti are usually the alternatives for Chengal wood. This is because they share many similarities like durable, fungal resistant, termite resistant and moisture decay resistant but Shorea wood offers a more wide range of color and versatility.

Another more commonly seen and uses is the plywood. Plywood is an engineered product made from thin sheets of wood. Those layer of thin sheets is often mixed with a variety of wood in order to give it more flexibility and strength. Plywood can be considered economical since you can choose the type of wood according to your need- for example, a plywood can be made the single surface smooth and mass produced in the same quality which can reduce the overall cost and quality is controlled. Plywood is often separated into softwood type and hardwood type. Softwood plywood is usually used for flooring or internal usage while hardwood is usually used as base strength and heavy duty like wall structure or pillar. Other premium or uncommon plywood inclusive of aircraft plywood, tropical plywood, decorative plywood, marine plywood, etc. Some of this plywood even provide the characteristic of fire-retardant, moisture-resistant, fireproofing and able to add on more by add in extra coatings. Compare to solid wood, plywood is much more workable and lightweight which result in most furniture on the market are made up of plywood. Though plywood sometimes considers as unnatural wood, it still an excellent choice for many wood lover.
Following are the usual advantages of timber material:

Excellent strength and resilient

Aesthetic appeal and organic feel

high in sustainability

plenty of variety

high versatility


weather resistant

Popular wood material for construction:

Chengal Wood (Neobalanocarpus)

Shorea Wood (balau wood,meranti wood)

Mengkulang Wood (red tulip oak)

Tualang Wood (Mengaris wood)

Kempas Wood

Nyatoh Wood

Pine Wood


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