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Nov 2 2022
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Doors and windows are an important part of the building as an openable barrier. The requirement for doors and windows is usually low thermal conductivity, sound insulation, waterproof, fire resistant, etc. Currently, the new requirement is energy saving where the cold areas are separated and lesser energy consume on cooling or heating. Another is the important part of the architectural design of a building so their shape, size, and color will have a big impact on the overall view of the building.

The type of doors and windows are louver, frame, ironmongery, sliding, overhang, awning, French etc. The casement doors and windows are one of those common types which the framework are usually wood, steel, aluminium, glass, or combination of any of these materials. The material for shutter can be timber, plywood, glass, block or any material that should meet the minimum requirement of the industrialization of buildings which is sturdy, durable, flexible to open, tightly closed and easy to repair and clean.
Now with the new tech that has lower cost, dimming glass has been set off. Dimming glass and window partitions have the freedom of privacy protection which is the biggest selling point of it and is increasing in demand throughout the world especially in China. The appearance of dimming glass doors and windows are very much similar to the normal glass doors and windows. However, the dimming glass when is not energized the glass natural color opaque with a form of milky white are shown and with a flick of a switch, it can instantly become transparent. So in other words dimming glass are also known as electronic curtains. Another high tech glass is the LED glass. The glass able display the same font as the LED screen. This LED glass also know as Polymagic glass which is a newly developed photovoltaic glass technology. The LED glass film is sandwiched between the two layers of glass, and the LED glass can be illuminated without the wires being visible. These two types of high tech door are widely used in office design, commercial design, ceiling design, Hollywood Film, concert, substation, etc. if you are looking for art or cultural design than stained glass would be much more suitable as the pattern would enhance the beauty of the building theme and able to inform the viewer through narrative or symbolism.

Currently, the steel material is one of the popular choices to make up the door and window. This is because they usually offer a better security and reliability. A steel door is usually not built in full steel material but rather a thin layer of steel on the outside and the core is usually wood or foam core. If a door is mainly made up of steel, they are usually bulky, not flexible and low in versatility but good for securing a premise or area like Bank vault. For the popular door core material are usually honeycomb core, steel stiffened core and also polystyrene core. Honeycomb core is usually better for room door as it usually lightweight and cost-effective. Steel stiffened core is better in strength while the polystyrene core is better as a thermal barrier which is good for energy saving. Steel window and door frame are usually sturdier and durable. They require lesser maintenance and easy to install. Of course, the steel door and window usually comes at a more premium price but this is usually a good long-term investment because they usually last longer than other material like wood. As a general rule, steel door and window are usually not advisable for a seaside home or set up near to a beach because saltwater like sea water will accelerate corrosion even it is stainless steel. Additional coating or extra waterproofing can be added to it but this usually increase its price and require frequent maintenance.
A good setup door and windows would usually have the following advantages:

Low thermal conductivity

Good sound insulation

Good watertight

High in fire resistant

Prevent brute force entry

Low maintenance

Energy saving

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