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Jun 29 2020
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Electronic technology is an emerging technology developed by western countries such as Europe and the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In the 20th century, electronic products are having a breakthrough in communication and transport thus contributed to the advancement of modern science and technology. Electronic products require electricity from an electrical grid. Thus an electrical grid transmits electricity from the power station then distributes the electricity to the substations and finally to individual customers.

With the advancement of technology, the power station or electric generator can now shrink to a more scalable size and can be mobile at the same time. A Genset is an electrical generator that combines an engine to form a self-contained equipment. The kind of electrical generator has the advantages on independently supply electricity without the necessity of connection with electrical grid and also act as an emergency power supply if the grid fails. There are different types of Genset (Natural gas generators, gasoline generators, etc) and one of the most common ones is the diesel generators which is mostly used in industrial and commercial establishments like industrial plants, hospital, office building, etc.
After having a power supply install, now it comes to the tedious and complicated electrical wiring. The is the part where most people don't want to get screw up since this contains safety standard and must be well planned. A well-installed wiring system would be able to achieve high energy efficiency and also longer lifespan with minimum maintenance. Wiring requirement changes according to the industries that involved. For example, an industry would require a higher voltage and current, corrosive or moisture or explosive atmosphere control. Special requirement needs tally with the wiring and installation of electrical equipment in a hazardous room or area since safety is one of the vital parts of an industrial working place. By choosing a proper conductor like copper would be more beneficial since it has the highest electrical conductivity rating compare to other non-precious metals. Copper has been used since the 19th century for transmission in electromagnet and telegraph. And now with a better technology and advancement in science material like copper alloy and aluminium alloy are introduce to the market since the pure copper wire is extremely expensive and usually not needed for the normal electronic product.
An electronic product can be ranged from the small product like a lightbulb to a big and complex product like an elevator. An electric light is the most common electrical appliances to modern society since it provides light when the day is dark and more importantly is the light source for buildings interior. One of the common lamps is the fluorescent lamp which is a low-pressure mercury vapor lamp that emits ultraviolet light after electricity flow through. To ensure energy-saving compact fluorescent lamps are highly recommended since it also comes in different size and can be the same size as the incandescent light bulb. The upcoming popular electric light is the LED lamp. Light emitting diodes is a semiconductor device that converts electricity directly into visible light. While the LED lamp has a better in the choice of colour light, longer lifespan, low power consumption, low heat generation, and low-cost manufacture price. No matter what kind of electronic product that is used, its purpose is usually to liberate people from the heavy workload, trivial and time-consuming housework, creating a more comfortable and beautiful living and working environment.

Diesel generator or more commonly known as Genset generator is an electric generator that fuels up by diesel. The enclosure of the generator is usually covered with stainless steel, carbon steel or aluminium as this was used for weather protection and also sound insulation. Inside the generator, it contains a diesel engine and also an alternator. The Genset generator is usually better in energy efficiency and ensures greater power output than other types of generator. They can be usually found as an alternative or emergency power supply of a business and also the isolated community that is not connected to the power grid. The emergency power supply is usually used in the sector like the hospital, office tower and other important infrastructure. This is to ensure the functionality of the sector remain and reduce the financial loss and life-threatening incidents. They are usually bulky and lesser interior moving part than other generators. A regular maintenance is usually recommended as this would greatly reduce the cost of repair and last longer. If a diesel generator operates under load which less than or around 70% of its capacity, then the engine would wear out easily. This is because unburned diesel fuel will cause Internal glazing and carbon build-up and clog up the generator piston ring which will damage the internal parts of the generator.
A well installed electronic and electrical would have the following advantages:

Prevents damage, injury or death

Improve energy efficiency

Reduce pollution


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