Sep 7 2022
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Aluminium is a shiny metal element that conducts heat and electricity very well. This metal is so malleable that is able to form in various shapes and size due to its ductility. Although aluminium electric conductivity is not as good as copper, the heat conductivity it poses are better than copper that makes it a good material for making cookware. Furthermore, a bare wire of aluminum is less than the weight of a bare of copper wire which also results in a much more inexpensive alternative.
Aluminium is a good material for making any outdoor product. Aluminium does corrode like steel and iron but the difference is that it does not rust. The corrosion of aluminium form an oxide which is a natural protective layer that prevents further corrosion in the aluminium itself. Certain flammable or explosive material exposure area or room can also use the aluminium product since it does not spark when struck, To increase aluminium versatility it is usually best to alloyed with other metal like, copper and magnesium, which increase the strength and manganese, which provide extra corrosion resistance. Another fact of aluminium is that is the second most used metal after steel and also like steel can be recycled over again without losing its quality.

One of the upcoming popular product is the Aluminium composite panels (ACP). ACP is a sandwich panel that consists of two outer layers of aluminium metal sheets and sandwich an insulation core between it. This is usually produced as a prefabricated product to use for building envelopes. This panel is low in weight and able to provide high structural rigidity and aesthetic view. At the same time, it is also low in cost, high durability and high energy efficiency. The insulation core of ACP is usually polyethylene(PE) or polyurethane(PU). These materials usually do not possess good fire-resistant properties but treating or mixing the core material like a low-density PE will have a good fire retardant properties. Fire retardant is characteristic of stopping the spread of fire and does not help in burning. ACP has many common usages as Gypsum board (drywall) such as ceiling and interior walls. Due to aluminium perform better in moisture environment(aluminium oxide as mention before) and better colour and gloss retention so its general use for outdoor use such as construction site panel, ceiling channel, billboards, canopy panel, elevator, etc.
Another popular usage of aluminium is the roofing. Metal roofs such as aluminum or steel shingles can last for 50 years or more than typical asphalt shingles roof which lasts around 12- 17 years only. Although some manufacturers might claim longer warranty for asphalt shingles roof, the cost of defective shingles might get claim but the labor cost might not be included in. Furthermore, identifying defective asphalt shingles are not as easy as it seems and some might even need to hire a professional to identify it which turn out to be not cost effective. Some people might find out that aluminium roofing or other metal roofing is more expensive but when you calculate in long-term it is typically less expensive for aluminium roofing can outlast at least two or more time(50 years+) of asphalt shingle roofs. Aluminium roofing also has the lightweight properties which reduce the stress on a structure and preserves the integrity of building at the same time. Other mentionable advantages including, fire resistance, weathering performance, eco-friendly, energy efficient, low maintenance, more color choices, etc.

Following are the common advantages of aluminium product:

high corrosion resistance


Fire resistance

100% recyclable

Flexible to mold

high thermal conductivity

Non magnetized metal

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