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Apr 28 2022
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Industrialized Building System (IBS) is a common phrase used in Malaysia to describe the construction of a building by assembling the building component that builds from a factory. So in general IBS and Prefabricated or in short Prefab building are referring the same thing.

Prefabricated buildings have been gradually promoted by developed countries such as Europe and the United States in the late 1940s. Other countries such as Western Europe and Northern Europe, as well as North America, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong, are also well known for its advanced in the prefabricated building. With the rapid urbanization of China, the prefabricated building is also their current top choice for their housing and industry development. Often prefab building offers smaller price tags, environmentally friendly and faster finish built.
Modern prefab house is no longer two-room cottages; but you can improvise and creative at the same time by add in the modular that you need like a garage, basement, extra toilet, etc. Though high-rise building will be limited for its module, you still can build varies of choice or type and save your money in design too. Prefab building or house are just like a car, you can make cars that are affordable to your average customer by bulk buying material drive down the cost, assemble production reduce the construction time and also provide limited but sufficient choice for your customer. This kind of economical prefab home can be mass produced at a short time able to provide good shelter for people to recover from natural disasters too. Why consider faster than, on-site build? This was the nature of a prefabricated home or part are constructed indoors and away from the weather which reduces the risk of onsite construction delay and subsequent cost.
Prefabricated building components inclusive of beams, slabs, columns and external walls. After curing for acceptance testing, the components will then be sent to the site for installation. One of the most common seen building components is the precast concrete. This precast concrete is extremely weather resistant and very durable. The product is usually quality controlled by the manufacturer and come in different size and shape. The installation of the precast product is generally weather resistant so delay and extra labor force are reduced. Other construction systems such as Modules(Modular Building), precast, Blockwork System, Scaffolding and etc are also widely used in the prefabricated building. Many new Infrastructure is using precast, like road using the precast concrete paving slab, which is very durable and fast installation. The installation speed is usually the reason to use it because of infrastructure like road or bridge usually require a fast pair when things went bad. Time is the essence and normal method would usually take more time and not durable. Though the precast product sometimes might cost more than the other option, their durability and installation speed are still very considerable.

Blockwork is considered as masonry material like bricks. Like bricks, it usually uniformly shaped and is laid with mortar and bond as a strong structure like the wall. But the difference between them is that block are usually produced in large, hollow, smoother surface and gray color while bricks are usually smaller, lesser or smaller hole and come in different color and facing shape. Blockwork is a usually better alternative than normal bricks because of their big size but lightweight able to provide the convenience of work and cost-effectiveness. They can be separated into three types which are dense concrete blocks, lightweight concrete blocks, and aerated concrete blocks. Dense concrete blocks usually have a better compression strength which good for load-bearing walls, retaining wall and structural foundation. Lightweight concrete blocks are usually lightweight and have better thermal and sound insulation which is good for Interior Wall and partition. Whereas the aerated concrete block is very similar to lightweight blocks but with better water resistant, fire resistant, workable, fracture resistance.

Compared with on-site construction, the prefabricated building usually has the following advantage:

Construction convenience


Cost saving

reduce monopoly market

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