Nov 2 2022
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Infrastructure refers to the necessary facility that ensures normal social and economic activities of the country or region. It is usually a prior system that allows better living condition and development of society. Infrastructure has a so-called 'multiplier effect' which is total social demand and national income that can bring several times the investment amount.

The infrastructure is an important basis for a country or region to allow its economy to sustain stable development in the long run. Type of infrastructure includes transportation, communication, water supply, power supply, public amenities, scientific research, environmental protection, etc. Establishing a good infrastructure often takes a long time and huge investment so a careful planning and hiring expert is a must to complete the project.

A bridge is one of the infrastructures that built for a road that spans natural or artificial obstacles. Whether it is beam bridge, arch bridge, rigid-frame bridge, suspension bridge, or any other type of bridge it functions is usually for the modern high-speed development of the transportation industry and also the fast-paced life of society. A suspension bridge is one the popular bridge type that use to build long-distance bridges. Famous suspension bridge in the world like Golden Gate Bridge, Akashi Kaiky? Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge, Penang bridge attract a lot of tourists and event because of it aesthetically pleasing. The suspension bridge is built in a way that the deck is hung by suspension cables(steel wire rope) vertically and high up from the waterways. The material and labor costs are usually economical and consider as simple construction as this kind of bridge mechanism already existed over a hundred years ago and the new technology only make it faster and more economical. A regular checkup will usually ensure the bridge last longer and lower maintenance cost in long run. It is advisable that a suspension bridge must be flexible enough to counter the wind because strong winds will stress the support cable and might destroy the structural integrity.

The train station would also provide the similar characteristic of a bridge but the train track would have stretch much longer with a lower price in general and would be much more environmentally friendly in terms of pollution by car. In rural and remote communities, trains are usually a better option if the area or region has a station of it since the transport cost are usually cheaper, faster and able to access urban area. Speaking of connecting the urban area, communications infrastructure are the most crucial part of all because of it broad range distance of transmission that allows to access information or communicate in a different place. Telecommunications tower is one of it and the main function of the tower is to support signal broadcasting and antennas for telecommunications. Without it, normal people would not have access to television and smartphone will not be so smart anymore.
Developing a well Infrastructure usually has the following advantages:

Productivity Increase

Public Welfare Improve

Advance in Modern Technology


increase Employment Opportunities

Common found infrastructures:






Water Supply



Building an infrastructure required careful planning and also a wise choice of product so that it can sustain and bring benefit to society for a long run.

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