Sep 25 2019
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A roof is a necessity to a building, it covers up the building’s top and it acts as protection that shields up internal property and people in it. It safeguards them from rain, sunlight’s UV, wind, dust and other foreign substances. Covering is supported by roof structure and framing, it can also create another space for activities, such as a roof garden. Maximizing the roofing space is now getting more common in Malaysia.
A shelter is often what everyone looking for, but why it is so important to have a covering. This is because a decent roof can enhance the building’s life indirectly by protecting everything in the building from exposure. The roof should have high resistance to weather, UV light, damage and heavy-duty load-bearing (both dead and dynamic load). Through proper material installation, the roof can also achieve a higher level of sound insulation, fire insulation, and heat insulation.
Many designers will adjust roofing design and also power up the insulation by uniting roof filler with the ceiling insulation component. Concrete tile is a good example where spacing is to be made between tiles and the roof surface, reducing the overall sun hotness. On another hand, the in-fill material also plays an important role in the roofing design in Malaysia; a poorly insulated roof might cause stress to overall structural.

Common materials for Green roof to achieve high insulation are polystyrene (extruded or expanded), Aluminium foil roll, wood fiber, cellular glass, gypsum board (for ceiling), polyisocyanurate, perlite and many more. Asphalt shingle is also a kind of insulation roofing material because it is a type of wood fiber that comprises several materials to enhance moisture resistance. Of course, other types of roofing such as wood, metal, and slate also has their own unique characteristic that offers a wide-ranging option for consumers to pick.
It is also important to have a proper roof drainage design so that the rainwater can be kept out of the house. The redirection of water can be done through the classic inclining roof (theoretically 25% or more) and heavy-duty holes at the edges is a must to prevent water stay stagnant and seep through roofing material that has a lower degree of porosity. Water-repellent can also be applied to the roof regardless of a steep or a flat. Roof damage can be severe as time passes so a proper waterproofing would definitely extend its lifespan and reduce the maintenance costs.

Common roof design will have components such as the following:
Roof Structure: framing, trusses or rafters that are built to strut the sheet or board.
Roof Covering: the main item that takes up most of the roofing installation, such as tile, slate, shingles, metal or others.
Sheathing: the underlayment that is made by sheet material or board material, being fastened to the framing.
Drainage: the slope, layout and shape design that might increase the capacity for water-shedding.
Other parts: of course, there are other parts such as gutter, downspout, soffit, fascia, ridge board and many more in the overall roof structure and the setup.
Roofing can come in various designs and can contribute more than a mere covering to your property, able to offer you appealing feel in overall.

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