Nov 2 2022
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Ceilings are the top surfaces covering product of a building's interior. They are usually used to conceal the roof structure and the pipe or wire under it. For certain type of ceilings, it can even provide the function of sound insulation, energy efficiency, and fire resistance.

Despite the fact that functionality is important, people still need their house or space looks nice. For an architect or designer, ceilings are one of the vital design for a home or space as it represents the perfect balance between the other decorative element. There can be many types of ceiling design, it can be decorated with fresco painting, mosaic tiles, surface treatments, chandeliers, light tube, ceiling fans, skylights, air conditioners, etc.

The most common type of ceiling is the dropped ceiling which suspended from structural elements above. This type of ceilings is commonly used in airports, stations, office buildings, shopping malls, subway stations, and residential buildings. Other types of ceiling include of the cathedral ceiling, concave ceiling or barrel-shaped ceiling, stretched ceiling, coffered ceiling etc. In the past, traditional houses were mostly made up of straw mats, banquets, and wooden boards. With the advancement of technology, more modern ceiling materials like gypsum board, light steel keel, splint, aluminum strip ceiling, stained glass, PVC ceiling, new plastic steel plate ceiling, etc have been introduced.
The ceiling can also put some surface treatment to enhance its durability and lifespan; laminating, roiling and spraying which each has their own characteristics and consumer must choose according to their functionality rather than pricing. For example in the healthcare sector, especially in hospital and clinics. The control of bio-contamination is one of the top priority. Thus a certain surface treatment that able to provide the function of cleanability and anti-microbial performance that ensure a clean and healthy environment and hence this will be the top choice of the list rather than the decorative ceiling. The most common ceiling material that chooses by those interior designers and consumers is the aluminum strip ceiling. This was due to the fact it has the characteristic of smooth texture, plenty of color variety, glossy appearance, fireproof, moistureproof, easy to install, etc. Designers and customers can choose ceilings color based on the color of their furniture and flooring which then can make the room interior be aesthetic. For the aluminum material, it contains different type like Aluminium-Magnesium alloys, Aluminium-manganese alloys, aluminum alloys, for different function etc except pure aluminum which easily corrodes and change in color over time.
Proper installing ceiling in a room or building has the following advantage:

perceive the size of a space

better air circulation

better soundproofing

energy saving

beautiful decoration for covering the pipeline, beam, column, etc.

Popular ceiling product:

Gypsum Board Ceiling

Plaster Ceiling

Aluminum Ceiling

Dropped Ceiling(Suspended Ceiling)

Ceiling Tiles

Stretch Ceiling

Classic Ceiling

Coffered Ceiling

Tray Ceiling

Coved Ceiling

Shed Ceiling

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