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Sep 11 2019
Epoxy is a thermosetting polymer which is the end products of epoxy resin that is a very versatile resin that normally used as a coating for product or material. The coating usually provides extra strength, least susceptible to scratching, fading, chemicals, cracking or staining.

The usage includes in metal coating, paint brush manufacturing, structural adhesives, electronic component glue, etc. Above all these usages, epoxy flooring is the most common usage of all. Epoxy flooring has the feature of a smooth surface, easy to clean, wear resistant, scratch resistant, water resistant and chemical resistance. Another competitive and alternative for flooring that has almost the same criteria of epoxy flooring would be the polyurethane flooring. On a certain case, they both can perform the same or overlap each feature so they are compared herein generally only.
Brick Wall Partitiom


Aug 3 2018
Wall acts as a load carrier for slab, roof, beam and other forms of weight units. At the same time, it offers privacy, security, and shelter against foreign matters. Wall can also be a non-load bearing divider, or a partition that separate spaces and create “rooms” in the building. Wall can be used as a defensive barrier in the countryside, either as a permanent structure or temporary erection for a structure either in outdoor or indoor use. External wall usually acts as the shear wall in which load-bearing strength is required, they play the role as superstructure’s basic while block water, dirt as well as unwanted temperature and noise. The acoustic and thermal insulation features can be enhanced through additional infill materials such as polystyrene foam, mineral wool, glass fiber or others.

Tile for Floor and Wall

Aug 19 2018
TIle is a hard-wearing building material due to its firm in strength, small in weight, resistant to pressure and wear, and can be protected from moisture. Tile are usually use as floor decorative for room or buildings while thinner tile will be usually used on walls rather than on floors because walls require more durable surfaces rather than resist impacts. These tiles are usually made up of marble and granite, ceramic, clay and etc. Although other popular flooring and wall materials like laminate, wood, luxury vinyl, etc are being widely used, floor tiles are still the first choice for many consumers because tiles have a solid texture, easy in cleaning, heat-resistant, wear-resistant, chemical resistant, watertight that makes it high versatility and very durable.


Aug 20 2018
Ceilings are the top surfaces covering product of a building's interior. They are usually used to conceal the roof structure and the pipe or wire under it. For certain type of ceilings, it can even provide the function of sound insulation, energy efficiency, and fire resistance.

Despite the fact that functionality is important, people still need their house or space looks nice. For an architect or designer, ceilings are one of the vital design for a home or space as it represents the perfect balance between the other decorative element. There can be many types of ceiling design, it can be decorated with fresco painting, mosaic tiles, surface treatments, chandeliers, light tube, ceiling fans, skylights, air conditioners, etc.

The most common type of ceiling is the dropped ceiling which suspended from structural elements above. This type of ceilings is commonly used in airports, stations, office buildings, shopping malls, subway stations, and residential buildings. Other types of ceiling include of the cathedral ceiling, concave ceiling or barrel-shaped ceiling, stretched ceiling, coffered ceiling etc. In the past, traditional houses were mostly made up of straw mats, banquets, and wooden boards. With the advancement of technology, more modern ceiling materials like gypsum board, light steel keel, splint, aluminum strip ceiling, stained glass, PVC ceiling, new plastic steel plate ceiling, etc have been introduced.

Doors and Windows

Aug 23 2018
Doors and windows are an important part of the building as an openable barrier. The requirement for doors and windows is usually low thermal conductivity, sound insulation, waterproof, fire resistant, etc. Currently, the new requirement is energy saving where the cold areas are separated and lesser energy consume on cooling or heating. Another is the important part of the architectural design of a building so their shape, size, and color will have a big impact on the overall view of the building.

The type of doors and windows are louver, frame, ironmongery, sliding, overhang, awning, French etc. The casement doors and windows are one of those common types which the framework are usually wood, steel, aluminium, glass, or combination of any of these materials. The material for shutter can be timber, plywood, glass, block or any material that should meet the minimum requirement of the industrialization of buildings which is sturdy, durable, flexible to open, tightly closed and easy to repair and clean.

Electronic and electrical

Aug 27 2018
Electronic technology is an emerging technology developed by western countries such as Europe and the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In the 20th century, electronic products are having a breakthrough in communication and transport thus contributed to the advancement of modern science and technology. Electronic products require electricity from an electrical grid. Thus an electrical grid transmits electricity from the power station then distributes the electricity to the substations and finally to individual customers.

With the advancement of technology, the power station or electric generator can now shrink to a more scalable size and can be mobile at the same time. A Genset is an electrical generator that combines an engine to form a self-contained equipment. The kind of electrical generator has the advantages on independently supply electricity without the necessity of connection with electrical grid and also act as an emergency power supply if the grid fails. There are different types of Genset (Natural gas generators, gasoline generators, etc) and one of the most common ones is the diesel generators which is mostly used in industrial and commercial establishments like industrial plants, hospital, office building, etc.

Industrial Supplies and Hardware

Aug 28 2018
Industrial supplies and hardware can be separated into two type which is a hardware tool and hardware accessories. Hardware tools are referred to as metal part that made of iron, steel, and aluminium by the processing of forging, rolling or cutting. These tools include various machine, electric, pneumatic, cutting tools, auto maintenance tools, agricultural tools, lifting tools, measuring tools, jigs, molds, grinding wheels, drill bits, abrasives, etc. Most hardware tools are sold worldwide and exported from China. Furthermore, in 2013 developed countries like Europe and the United States are having rapid development on production technology and rising labor prices only produce premium or special tool which left China a strong market potential on transporting normal grade tool throughout the world.