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Feng Shui of Living Room

Jul 10 2020
Feng Shui means wind and water in Chinese while it was incepted since five thousand years ago, while the main purpose is to enhance general well including health and prosperity in overall for the particular place, i.e. living room of this topic. It involves the evaluation of "qi" flows and then improving it through energy harmonization, going through the core five elements metal, wood, water, fire and earth. In the perspective of guest, living room decorative orientation show your family and you as the impression created to them will affect them spiritually, physically and emotionally. Chinese metaphysics has the belief that with the right direction and allocation for element, the good thing with fortune will be congregated together for a family. It applies to the family members as a whole too, assembling their hearts, spiritual and being more united.

In addition to the hospitality, the most ordinary function for the living room is basically for the family to chat and gather. Therefore, it shall be a place that is friendly and lively since it will relate to the rise and fall of career, fame, health and wealth of a family. From the children's education or exam, the fate of couple, family's wealth quality, number of luck, career progress and wellness of body condition to overall. The core and the science make sense throughout generations even we speak of human psychology, such as the arrangement of furniture position to other layouts that makes ways and comfortability bring conveniences. Appropriate components with their characteristics either virtually or physically can affect the flows of ventilation within the house as well as the visually, the emotional mood of tenants who spend time in the living area from day to night time.
Many ways to boost the living room's Feng Shui, the first one would be clutter cleaning. Disorder clutter is blockage of Feng Shui, and in fact, it causes negative energy surrounding the owner of the house. Jumble makes the flow of positive energy to circulate and ventilate the home, especially from the entrance that is the core passage of the energy flow. If the disarray is not being organized in the early stage, the chance of accumulating the piles are higher, causing more efforts and time to do it. People tend to be lazier when problems are bigger, start with smaller muddle and reorganize these things that drain energy constantly from you. The room shall be divided properly and unnecessary items can be thrown or kept into a categorized unexposed zone, at least from the visibility in the living area.

In addition, the light is also one of essential for the energy of "Yang" (which means the positive energy), the living room should always stay bright enough and windows design and direction towards sunlight are important. If the original direction of the wall does not allow for the reinstallation of windows, overhead lighting or wall-mounted lighting can play in their roles to cover the clear-sighted of spaces for the living area. The orientation of furniture such as sofa is important, this is a place where family members will be sitting when they are in the living room. Do not place the sofa at the centre either ahead of the windows, instead, a solid wall shall be positioned behind the sofa. There are also methods such as purchasing more functional furniture as it is vital to have purposeful item around you, to feel more concord virtually.
The five elements metal, wood, water, fire and earth are what Taoist system believe in the natural cycle, used to balance well-being as well as our health. Within the space of our living room, we can also use consciously and there are some examples as guidelines to your home area in addition to the living room. For instance, metal is represented by colours of metallic, grey, white, or the shapes of round and spherical. Painted the wall with white, use up more decorative artworks with metallic colour, flooring made up by grey. At the same time, you can also put up shapes such as columnar or rectangular in which wood is best depicted by green or blue. Water is further enhanceable by the colour of dark blue or black that formed by wavy or curvaceous items. At the meantime, red or burning tone with triangular has to do with fire element but the earth that not being the last and is equally important can use yellow, orange, earthy brown shaping in flat and square to aid its forming of symbolization.

More than what we have shared, despite about colours and shapes almost by these five core elements for your living room's Feng Shui, they carry meaning and shall be studied closely by owners too. Metal can bring you contacts with helpfulness, children and completeness in your life. Wood, for instance, can be a restart, wealth and family since water can convey you more career advancement if enough black wavy furnishings are installed in the living room. Fire is important for people who want to get their reputation and fame optimized, such as artist, politician, writer, speaker and more. Pinky earth or awakening yellow for earthy part or some other tones create a further extension to own self-knowledge, well-being together with partnership and love within your surrounding. Undoubtedly, nothing shall go to extreme level since balancing is a must for everything in life as well as Feng Shui, even though some people wishes to focus and emphasize more on certain properties.
Feng Shui in Living Room

Space Clearance

Bright Lighting

Purposeful Furnishing


Organized and Clean Area

Right Location of Direction

Elements of Feng Shui

Metallic Round for Metal

Cylindrical Blue on Wood

Darkening Wave to Water

Triangle Burning Red of Fire

Orange Brown at Flat Earth

Balancing of Five Elements

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