Concrete Paver

Jul 13 2020
Concrete paver is a rigid flooring material that can be installed as your outdoor interlocking patio, for the application of driveway and walkway. Comparing to the choice of concreting the floor, paver seems a wiser selection as in the tendency of getting crack is lower over certain period of time. Imagining concrete slab was to be chosen for an important garden that aesthetic shall be close to perfect and therefore, any cracking will cause the whole piece to be replaced. On the contrary to the substituation of cracked individual paver piece, since loose concrete paver that can hold up basically 2.5 times more than the compatible poured concrete (over 1360kg per square inch of pressure).

The mix and match of concrete pavers can also be possible from its diverseness such as shape, colour, texture and thickness. Designers can play around with the paver laying pattern, fully utilizing the advantages of concrete pavers in the landscaping field. Depending on the overview of landscape design, paving are open-ended with unrestrained possibilities. For instance, 36 inches width of walkway is standard for two people but yet, some might just consign up to 48 inches to make walker more comfortable side-by-side along the way.
Grass Paver is another kind of concrete paver that shall entitle of attention by the people. It is also known as the grasspave or turf paver as in they are installed for the sake of getting grassy areas possible through its hole design within the overall shape. Multiple benefits can be enjoyed through the installation of this pavement design, such as for the storm water to penetrate through and return to the cicle of underground soil absorption, instead of the waterways. In addition, its pattern of netting works best as a surface for motor vehicles, scooters or wheelchairs to pass through.

Besides the design will not allow the damage cause to the lawn or your garden floor from its holes, its strength can also support more than thirty-six tons of weight. Even there are heavy vehicles passing through, the turf will not be damaged as it was provem. The resistance created by the paver block can also slow down the speed of the moving wheel. The grid also plays a role as a bufferer of direct impact to the soil, when the grass is inevitable to be there. Nevertheless, mower to upkeep the lawn can operate as ordinary without concern of the wear and tear. This grass concrete paver is proven to be eco-friendly and healthier since it allows green element at the same time, promoting air as well as water circulation as usual through its hollow honeycomb pattern, without fully cover the whole soil.
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