Landscape Design

Jun 16 2020
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Landscape design generally refers to the planning and design of landscapes and gardens for a building project or a household or any places that you wish to preserve the nature and at the same time provide an eyeful scenery. Landscape design and landscape architecture have many similarities which sometimes the difference is minor on specification or detail only.

Landscape architectures usually work out by landscape architect which has to be certified. While for a design that works on smaller residential projects, or development usually a landscape designer would be sufficient. Landscape design mainly uses on: urban landscape design(city square, commercial street, office environment, etc), residential landscape design, parking areas, urban park, tourist resort, cultural heritage, etc. For a landscape architecture it would usually cover more scope such as steep slopes, retaining walls, irrigation systems, stormwater management, outdoor structures, driveways, and anything that able to ensure the well being of a project or development whether is before, after or ongoing.
In order to produce a landscape design. a landscape designer will usually have discussions or interview about the project. They will also take photos, ask about preferences in plants, garden maintenance, budget, etc. Then the designers will create a plan view drawing and plant list. Some designers might also visit local nurseries with consumer and make suggestions on what material to shop and do actual plant placement. In certain situation, for a landscape designer who works with the soft stuff-plants might have experience on hardscape, especially in drought-prone regions where pebbles and bark are used as often as succulents and natives. So when its come to actual earth-moving construction, wall building, building patios and decks or wiring work, a licensed landscape contractor would be required to do the job.
A successful landscape design would have the following advantages:

Noise Minimizers

Minor car accidents

Cleaner air

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