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AIRESTEC GROUP STARTED IN 1990 IN AUSTRALIA BEFORE ESTABLISHING ITS REGIONAL HQ IN MALAYSIA. AIRESTEC SDN BHD was established in 2002 with the aspiration to make a difference using green and multi-enzyme technology for decontamination, cleaning and treatment solutions. AIRESTEC comprises of an award-winning team of diverse backgrounds and cultures that relentlessly pursue excellence by offering the highest quality of products and services to our clients around the world. A R&D arm was set up in 2011 in Malaysia with continuous research & development in the field of green products and enzyme technology. Our insightful scientists have invented a series of environmentally-friendly, enzyme-based cleaning agents, which are now manufactured in Malaysia (originally only in Australia). These have been certified as Eco-label (SIRIM), MyHIJAU (GREEN LABEL), BioNexus, NanoVerify (Nano Malaysia) as well as Halal under JAKIM. AIRESTEC SDN BHD is the only double certified, GREEN & ISO 14001:2015, service provider in Malaysia for HVAC/Air Con & Building decontamination & treatment services. We have won several awards along the way including the latest, ASEAN Business Award for SME Excellence in Innovation in 2020. We are committed to contribute to all the UN SDGs possible. - WE DECONTAMINATE (DEEP CLEAN) HEATING, VENTILATION AND AIR CONDITIONING (HVAC) SYSTEMS INCLUDING AIR HANDLING UNITS (AHU), FAN COIL UNITS (FCU), COOLING TOWERS AND DUCTWORKS. Our NANO ENZYMES are specially-designed to unblock coils of up to 12 inches thick and decontaminate 99.9% of the biofilms, bacteria, mould, fungus & algae, improving Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency. The treatment solutions prevent the growth of biofilms, bacteria, mould, fungus and algae up to 12 months. We also decontaminate & treat cleanrooms, hospitals or any type of rooms / buildings to remove and prevent biofilm, mould, fungus and algae growth for up to 12 months. We can also neutralise odours. As the HVAC solutions require strict adherence to S.O.P.s, we will not sell them to just anyone but instead provide the services on a partnership basis to ensure the best results possible. Eventually, when the partners are ready to be converted and go ‘’ALL GREEN’’ and commit to the ‘’GREEN MISSION’’, we will consider training them to become ‘’ACCREDITED APPLICATORS’’. Our non-HVAC products are available for sale. - NORMALLY ACID OR ALKALINE CHEMICALS ARE USED AS CLEANING AGENTS FOR AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS, BUT THEY ARE NORMALLY CORROSIVE IN ORDER TO BE EFFECTIVE, THUS, CAUSING COIL / EQUIPMENT DAMAGE DUE TO METAL LOSS. When they are less corrosive, they will be less effective in cleaning. These chemicals are also harmful and unhealthy for humans, plants and animals as well as the environment. We offer a wide range of cleaning products that are suitable for many applications: Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, Refrigeration systems, Cooling Towers & Piping, Pharmaceutical Factories, Commercial / Residential Kitchens, Food Courts, Food Processing Plants, Walkways, Driveways, Playgrounds, Abattoirs, Logistics, Containers, Wastewater Systems, Vehicle Radiators, General & Household Cleaning (floors, benchtops, walls, drainpipes, toilets, dishwashing, laundry, carpets), Outdoor Environment, Scrubbers, Cleaning Additives, etc. All our enzyme-based cleaning agents are specially-designed for different applications and are pH neutral, non-corrosive so they will not cause any damage to substrates or materials, thus, allowing them to last longer and support sustainability. - IT IS OUR WISH THAT EVERYONE WILL GO TRULY GREEN AND COMMIT TO STOPPING CLIMATE CHANGE AND GLOBAL WARMING, REDUCING CARBON FOOTPRINTS AND SAVING THE PLANET.
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