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With more than 17 years of presence, Enviroterm is your trusted and reliable environmental solution partner to provide you with the best possible response to your environmental issues. From a young toddler to an adult, we have distinguished ourselves as a reliable and resourceful supplier and service provider. We are well known for the supply of particle counters, test & calculation instruments for environmental protection, energy-saving measuring methods for tracking electricity/heat usage, validation instruments & services and other advanced technology industries involving creativity, accuracy and reliability. Quality delivery and hands-on implementation are what we have done best to ensure a return on investment for our clients. Many of these guarantees can be assured by having a team of competent, confident, skilled, well-trained and dedicated individuals to partner with clients. Our laboratory in Selangor and Penang is dedicated to providing fast and cost-saving services to our customers. These programmes provide local calibration and maintenance services. CRMS system installation, application engineering works to customised needs, education workshop & seminars, rentals and a critical environment. Our main products and services are: - Cleanroom Contamination Control & Monitoring - Checking and control of HVAC - IAQ Research & Control Solutions - Health-Critical Pollution Control Approach

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