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Greenseal is established since 1977 and we have supplied to 52 countries to date and currently still supplying. Greenseal has a wide range of waterproofing products, starting from the waterproofing for roofs until the basement. We did a lot of prestigious projects all over the world, namely Tat Mall in Iran, Ba Na Hill in Vietnam, One Avigna in Mumbai and so on. For local projects, we have done the waterproofing for SP Setia HQ, Penchala Link Tunnel, Masjid Wilayah and so on.
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Rainwater is damaging towards the exposed surface of buildings as it penetrates the exposed masonry surface, dissolving the soluble salts and depositing them on the surface consequently staining the walls. This is also known as efflorescence which spoils the perfection of the face. Greenseal Masonry Water Repellent (MWR40) is a Siliconate that is specially engineered for imparting a colourless water-repellent surface finish to mineral building material without significantly reducing water vapour permeability. Design to provide a barrier against rising damp, this treatment remains effective for 10 to 20 years. In the case of glazed tiled surface, water can easily seep into the masonry through the mortar joints resulting in damp interior walls. On the other hand, water soluble salts migrate into the tiles from the mortar during the laying of floor tiles. Low fired clay products such as roof tiles, bricks, unglazed floor tiles absorb water and the soluble salts are subsequently transported to the surface and disfigures the product. This continuous cycle of dissolving and crystallisation of the water-soluble salts over a period of time leads to the disintegration of the clay product. Damage caused to the wet substrate on clay product due to moss, lichen and algae growth is also a common problem spoiling the beauty of the fa├žade. Therefore, water resistance is an important factor in concrete and masonry construction for safety, health and comfort building occupants. The use of Greenseal MWR40 treatment can prevent efflorescence of salts absorbed and makes clearing of the tiled floor easier.