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Orchid Asia Worldwide Sdn Bhd is an Infrastructure Construction and General Works Contractor. Founded in 2015, the company is generally engaged in a range of challenging ventures and gained experience, know-how and expertise in the design and development of solutions, project management services, construction and infrastructure, such as roads and highways, bridges, ports, dams, drainage projects, water and sewage networks, transmission lines, illumination, heating, ventilation, lift systems, power generating systems, renewable energy, manufacturing and construction, plumbing, elevators, escalators, heating and air condition, and others related engineering works. We use the know-how and experience of industrial engineering to deliver in-house advisory services to all out-of-customers in order to develop, implement and monitor them more effectively. We play the role of a main contractor or subcontract for a wide range of projects and provides project management services for the projects. Not only this, but we've also involved ourselves in cleaning/landscaping, storage and even Manpower Supply & Repair Facilities. Our goal is to provide our clients with "I am assured" experience when we are chosen to carry out the projects. Our emphasis on consistent cooperation and follow-up of procedures ensures that the priorities of the client remain a high priority in the planning and execution of all of our processes. Our philosophy is:                                          - Establish a detailed timetable and resource plan to achieve the client's project objective. - Clearly connect to all team partners-Progress of the track project and fine-tune deviations - Survey carefully the quality of the work done - Complete the project and commission it on time Our main products/ services are: - Excavation - Compaction Tiles and Gypsum - Blinding Concrete - Farms work - Steel Reinforcement - Concrete Curing - Concrete and concrete test - Backfilling and soil test - Finishing

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