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Potok Inter is a pioneer scientific and manufacturing company on the market of air decontamination systems. Since 1994, the Potok solutions have efficiently decontaminated air for different segments such as the International Space Station (NASA and Roscosmos segments), medicine (surgery, presurgery, hospice and other rooms with strict requirements for air quality), food industries (production and packaging zone of fresh food such as milk and meat), social segments (school, kindergarten, office buildings) and others. The technology inactivates 99.99% of any types of airborne microorganisms (SARS-COV-2 and all other viruses, bacteria and mold).
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The Potok® air decontamination technique is a patented method for killing airborne germs and viruses inside. The technique is effective, as evidenced by the findings of top Russian and foreign R&D institutions. The Potok® technology decontaminates air by impacting a microbial cell or the secondary and tertiary structure of viral macromolecules with persistent electric fields of a certain orientation and intensity. The amount of electric field exposure is set so that all microorganisms and viruses, regardless of species, are eliminated. The technology is non-harmful to the environment. In the presence of humans and animals, the equipment can be operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Potok® is the only air decontamination device currently in use on the International Space Station (Roscosmos and NASA segments). The Potok® equipment decreases the quantities of bacteria and viruses in the indoor air to background levels and maintains them there. Because live germs and viruses are not gathered inside operable decontamination units, their quick discharge after disabling and re-enabling the unit is eliminated. In order to generate clean rooms or local zones, induct mount units are installed in the gap of the ventilation channel at the most convenient location (behind the suspended ceiling, in technical rooms etc.). They are intended for decontamination and fine filtering of intake air in systems and air conditioning in medical institutions with more stringent hygiene standards.